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Pleurisy - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Pleurisy in Urdu

یہ پھیپھڑون کے گرد موجود جھلی کی سوزش کی بیماری ہے جو کہ سانس لینے پر سینے کے شدید درد کی صورت میں سامنے آتی ہے۔ اس کی بہت سی وجوہات ہو سکتی ہیں۔ علاج میں درد کو کنٹرول اور بنیادی علامات کا علاج کرنا شامل ہے

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Summary about Pleurisy in English

Pleurisy is a condition in which the pleura is inflamed. Pleura is the membrane formed by a layer of tissue lining the interior of the thoracic cavity and a layer of tissue surrounding the lungs. There is a small amount of fluid between these two layers. In a healthy individual, these two layers glide over each other giving lungs room for inhalation and exhalation. In the case of pleurisy, these layers become inflamed and rub against each other like sandpaper while breathing causing pain. Pleuritis, also called pleurisy, causes acute chest pain (pleuritic pain) that worsens when you breathe. A variety of conditions can lead to pleurisy. 

The treatment of pleurisy involves controlling pain and treating the underlying condition. Anyone affected with this disease will need to consult a good general physician. To find and consult the best general physician in your city you can log on to marham.pk.

Symptoms of Pleurisy

Pleurisy can be caused by a number of conditions. Its sign and symptoms may include:

  • Chest pain
  • Intentional shortness of breath to avoid pain while breathing
  • Pleural effusion
  • Empyema
  • Cough 
  • Temperature

Causes of Pleurisy

Pleurisy can be due to the following causes:

  • Viral infections
  • Bacterial infection
  • Lung cancer
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Certain medicines
  • Rib fracture
  • Genetically transmitted diseases

Risk Factors of Pleurisy

Gastrointestinal problems, trauma, adverse reaction to medicines, CHF, pulmonary embolism and inhalation of toxins can increase the risk of pleurisy.

Preventive Measures of Pleurisy

It is not possible to prevent pleurisy in all cases however proper and timely treatment for conditions like bacterial and viral infection can keep it at bay.

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