4 Surprising Health Clues Given by your Beard

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You care a lot about hairs on your head. You know exactly what signs indicate which problem. Are you attentive to your beard as well? What we are talking about is beyond grooming it for hours and spending on products made especially for the beard. This article is for all those who make their beard a style statement and others who do not have it. But hey it is not very much about grooming and all. Here we are telling you what health signs your beard can convey and how you can read these.

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Hair-loss in Round Patterns:

If you are losing hair from the beard and it is in form of tiny round circles it is alopecia barbae. This is an autoimmune disorder. In this condition immune system tends to consider hair follicles as antigens. It acts against these and destroys these until hairs stop growing.
To your benefit, this is not a contagious or dangerous symptom. However, it can be accompanied by irritation, inflammation and burning sensation. Good news is that it is treatable. Consult your doctor if it is bothering you. You can book an appointment with a general physician in Karachi, or other cities of Pakistan using marham.pk.

Also, keep an eye if facial hair loss comes with other symptoms. these include changes in digestion, unexplained weight loss or gain, mood and energy level changes etc. These could be an indication of thyroid disturbances, lupus or diabetes. an endocrinologist can help you with these problems. To find and consult an endocrinologist in Islamabad log on to Marham.pk

Thining of Beard:

If you experience noticeable facial hair loss a nutritional deficiency can be the culprit behind. Decreased caloric intake can affect hair health and growth. Proteins, in particular, are important when it comes to hair health. If you are not taking enough from your diet your body will pull it from other sources including hairs.
Another reason behind hair loss can be anaemia. If you face hair loss from scalp and beard it is time to book your appointment with a right doctor. To find a medical specialist in Islamabad or any other main city visit Marham.pk.

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Very Thick Beard:

Facial hair in men is counted as secondary sex characteristics. If you have a thick beard it means you are more sensitive to testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for converting soft childhood facial hair into coarse, thick hair that appears at puberty. Thicker beard and being more virile are connected and you may have heard it. But unfortunately, it is just a myth. For problems regarding male fertility and reproductive health, you can consult a sexologist via Marham.pk.

Dry and Brittle Facial Hair:

If you will over clean your beard it can result in a dry and brittle beard. Apply products designed for beard and use a beard oil as well. Use Conditioning is important as is combing it daily.

Few Most Popular General Physicians:

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