5 Reasons to Consider Hair Laser Removal

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Women desire hair free body with smooth skin. Hence, the struggle is real and many women opt for a number of options such as waxing, epilator, and using tweezers, etc, which are pretty painful. However, if one option to be considered for a permanent solution to bid goodbye to unwanted hair may be laser hair removal. Laser treatment for hair removal is a process of removing unwanted hair by exposing hair follicles to pulses of laser light. The intense heat destroys those hair follicles and inhibits hair growth. Here are 5 reasons to consider laser hair removal for face and body.


One of its benefits is it is precise to the targeted area of the skin. A laser can target dark coarse-haired area leaving behind the surrounding skin undamaged. It’s precise you won’t miss patches of hair like one might with shaving or waxing and it works well for any skin tone. You can now easily book an online appointment with the Best Skin Specialist in Islamabad through Marham.pk.

Less Time Consuming:

The treatment takes less time since each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second while treating in numerous hair at the same time. It treats approximately a size of a quarter each second which is why small areas such as upper lips may be treated within a minute while larger areas for example legs may take up to an hour. Hence, it is not just fast but also can it be performed on any part of the body, one can use a numbing cream to make it even more comfortable.

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The procedure is painless, although there might be a pricking sensation to the affected area it is bearable. The latest technology is fast and painless compared to other laser systems and is combined with user select pulse duration, effective contact cooling or vacuum-assisted technology. You can now easily book an online appointment with the Best Skin Specialist in Karachi through Marham.pk.


The money spent on waxing and shaving supplies etc for life may cost no more money spent on waxing treatments or shaving supplies while one has to pay once for the laser treatment sessions.


Most patients experienced permanent hair loss after around three to seven sessions, as it’s permanent up to 5% of treated hair will perish within six months and no stubble would be left, unlike shaving.

Where to Get Laser Hair Removal?

Permanent laser hair removal is more than just zapping unwanted hair. It is a medical procedure which carries risks and therefore requires training, which is performed in clinics by professionals. Hence, a dermatologist may be the best option to visit apart from technicians with credentials performing the procedure. Details of one of the top Dermatologists may be found later in the article.

How To Remove Hair Permanently?

The answer to a common question of how to get body hair removal permanently is simple, the laser targets melanin found in black hair. Therefore, they can get easily destroyed, since they absorb the light and heat of the procedure and destroys the follicle. However, melanin cannot be found in gray or white hair which is why they do not respond to the treatment. Hence, if women have thick black hair gradually the thickness will be reduced by each passing session and they may experience patchy hair growth. However, new growth may occur in certain hormonal-dependent areas due to inactive follicle when there are hormonal disturbances in the body. You can now easily book an online appointment with the Best Skin Specialist in Lahore through Marham.pk.

Side Effects

Side effects of hair laser removal are rare although some may develop acne, folliculitis; which is an infection where inflammation of hair follicles occur. Pigmentation, allergy to the solution used for the procedure and paradoxical hair growth which is the stimulation of hair growth in the area are also some of its side effects. However, these side effects are temporary and hardly permanent for which best dermatologists may be visited one of whom is Dr. Faria Asad.

Doctor Faria Asad is a qualified MBBS doctor, who holds an FCPS as well, she is a renowned dermatologist and an expert skin specialist, who performs laser hair removal treatment. Patients may book their appointment with Dr. Faria at the National hospital and medical center Lahore, in order to have a one to one session based on skin related issues.

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