6 Effective Ways To Make Your Time Useful In Ramadan

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Don’t Let This Ramadan Just Fly By. Plan Your Time Strategically To Reap The Best From This Holy Month.

It always seems that all the random planning and thinking you did a month before Ramadan is still just… a thinking. Well, what you planned for this holy month is perfectly happening somewhere.

Somewhere in your mind though.

So what goes wrong? And where does it go wrong? You did think a lot about making a perfect routine plan for Ramadan. But did you ACTUALLY make a planner? And if you did, then did you ACTUALLY follow it?

In both cases, you might have started off really good, but then you procrastinated. And before you know it, Ramadan gracefully flutters away like a butterfly. To book best nutritionist in Lahore you can visit Marham.pk

Now don’t let this be one of those Ramadan again. This sacred month brings unimaginable treasures of blessings and success. So prepare yourself and your family to get the maximum of those treasures. And to help you with that, here are 6 useful tips to manage your time effectively during Ramadan.

1. Calculate The Time You Will Dedicate To Ibadah Everyday

In Ramadan, we all try to maximum Ibadah. But it becomes really difficult with all the work and responsibilities we have to deal with everyday. It’s best to plan your routine and extract out the extra hours for Dhikr. If you minus all the hours of your daily work, you’d still be left with 2-3 hours. You can utilise these hours in Ibadah and excessive Dhikr.

Utilize time in Ramadan
Utilize time in Ramadan

2. Utilise The Early Hours Of The Day

When Ramadan comes in summer, Suhoor is very early so it’s very difficult to wake up before Suhoor. In that case, you can use an hour after Suhoor for Dhikr and Nafli prayers.

But when you’re having Ramadan in winter, Suhoor is late. You can easily wake up an hour before Suhoor to offer Tahajjud, make dua, and recite Quran. It’ll be way easier to actively observe prayers because you’ll be active and energised in those morning hours.

3. Recite Quran Daily

Ramadan is the month of Quran. So a reasonable amount of time must be dedicated to its recitation. But to just recite Quran is not enough. Dedicate your time to read tafseer and try to understand the meaning of Quranic verses. It will help a lot in strengthening your Imaan and Taqwa. To book best nutritionist in Islamabad you can visit Marham.pk

4. Avoid Multi-Tasking

If you recite Quran, browse through your social media, and handle your child all at one time, you’re getting nowhere. Ramadan is specifically meant to understand the last revelation. While reading Quran, stop doing anything else and focus on understanding the meaning. Try to extract that time when you’re left with no work so you can read Quran attentively.

5. Take A Break From Social Media

The purpose of Ramadan is to dedicate most of your time in the remembrance of Allah. So avoid excessive use of social.media applications in this holy month. You’re actually going to free a lot more hours just by doing that. Use these hours to understand Quran and strengthen your Iman.

Utilize time in Ramadan
Utilize time in Ramadan

6. Practise Family Halaqa (Study Circle)

Ramadan is the perfect time to bond with your family and grow your Iman together. Because the devils are locked up so you feel fairly more spiritual. You can arrange a family halaqa after Iftar or Taraweeh. Read an Islamic book together or share a life story of one of Sahabas. Study the life of prophets and their sayings. Read and discuss Quranic tafseer. All these practices will surely increase your knowledge and Iman. To book best nutritionist in Karachi you can visit Marham.pk

Utilising your time properly in Ramadan can reinforce some amazing spiritual development in you. Don’t let this golden opportunity to go away. Plan and prepare beforehand to get the best of the best from this blessed month.

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