6 Things You didn’t Know were Addictive

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Word addiction usually relates to smoking, drugs or gambling, but you will be surprised to know how these things in everyday life can be addictive.


When you’ve ever sat with a buddy and watched as she or he applied chap-stick or any other type of lip balm time and again, there is a scientific basis for it. To begin with, the ingredients in some products can be super drying, and that prompt one to feel the need. In addition, the sensation to be having some texture on lips is addicting as well and when you don’t really possess the item on, they feel that something is missing. Learn what causes dry chapped lips and remedies for these.

Teeth Whitening

It’s one thing to use whitening strips to get rid of dark stains and coffee spots. It’s quite another to be used to of bleaching your teeth. There’s even a term for it: Bleachorexia identifies being hooked to bleaching teeth. Overuse or abuse of whitening services and products like strips, capsules, gels, rinses, or pastes can cause noticeable degeneration, tooth pain, gum irritation, and weakened tooth, often temporary, but sometimes more permanent. At worst, most teeth start to de-mineralize with time initiating problems that demand the attention of a dentist. To book an appointment with dental professionals in Lahore visit Marham.


Quit it, if you generally moisturize more than twice every day. Turns out, what you’re doing may make the skin addicted to this product, and is counterintuitive. By providing a false barrier to the atmosphere, the skin does not need to work too as it normally would to maintain sufficient hydration levels. Actually, not everyone needs to use a moisturizer, if your skin feels and looks ordinary, you do not necessarily have to use a moisturizer consistently. Opt for a product that’s quick and light to disperse if you wish to use a moisturizer. Don’t miss dermatologists’ gold rules for using moisturizer. In case of any skin, allergies feel free to contact top skin specialists in Karachi, Lahore and any other main city of Pakistan.

Eye Drops

In case you have eye allergies or chronic reddish eyes and you also routinely grab over the counter eye drops you might become completely dependant on these drops. Few active ingredients such as Tetrahydrozoline, which makes eyes appear less reddish and young, some patients could wind up increasing their frequency of use. Finding the causes of bloodshot eyes can assist you to avoid reaching for anti-redness drops. Visit best eye hospital in Lahore, Karachi and other main cities to fix your eye related issues.

Plastic Surgery

Surgery can quickly become an addiction for some. Patients seeking Botox usually start out needing to look ‘natural, But as soon as they see how Botox smooths out fine lines and calms deep furrows, they notice small lines whenever they create expressions plus so they need those gone too. Be sure to consult with the best plastic surgeon in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan to undergo any kind of plastic surgery.


If you are consistently in need of retail therapy, take note. A few of these motivators include needing to feel better. Shopping is also a means to soothe oneself, to feel more in control or to fulfill out an internal void. How do you understand if you’re an enthusiast? If you are concealing purchases or invoices, or if you are lying about any of it to yourself and to others, watch out!

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