Authentic Doctors vs Quacks: Do you really know the difference?

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In Pakistan, 500,000 people including women and children annually die due to medication errors, wrong treatment, and wrong consultancy. We all need to understand these things because awareness of this concept can protect many of us from wrong treatment and dying. With time, technology is ruling the world and at the same time, many other things like diseases have become more prevalent.

Different types of unexpected diseases are running nowadays that cause a huge negative impact on human health. Many inexperienced doctors and fake doctors especially in backward areas don’t even know the cause of disease and treat the patient with old typical treatments that cause serious conditions and sometimes this wrong treatment even leads to death.

In this article, we’ll discuss some bases of medical treatment and why is it extremely important to see a specialist and authentic doctor when it comes to treating any disease or condition.

Importance of a Specialist Doctor:

The concept of general physicians became old and specialists of all medical fields are now serving the world. As we know that the time has changed, the new research has helped in developing new guidelines for the treatment of all diseases and it has revealed which reasons protect us the most against non-communicable diseases and can also stave off diseases. These things have changed the concept of the medical field and specialization/specialist doctors have become a part of the medical field.

Medicine Vs Consultancy:

Medicine cures you but health does not always come from medicine. It comes from the right consultancy, right diagnosis by the doctor and by getting the treatment that you actually need. The use of medicine without any consultancy may be dangerous or may even lead you to death. We need to be aware of these little issues that commonly prevail in our society and should try to overcome them.

Benefits of Right Consultancy:

80 percent of the treatment depends upon the right consultancy. To find the cause of the disease is always a big step towards a cure. You can get a healthy life and you can even prevent wrong treatment just by getting the consultancy that you need and that only comes if you see or visit a verified and authentic doctor.

How You Can Find Authentic Doctors: is the largest digital healthcare platform in Pakistan to find, book and consult doctors online. The platform can be accessed through the website, mobile applications, social media and a 12-hour call center helpline for both literate and illiterate users. Marham is also running many campaigns to create awareness regarding this and provides you all authentic doctors in one place to consult. This initiative can help us to fight against different diseases in the manner we should or we can lose our beloved ones and we would never want to lose them by mistake of any quacks or by getting the wrong treatment. You can visit or contact their call centre: 042-32591427 and find or book appointments with authentic doctors and you can also help others by making them aware of Marham and its services.

To grow our children in a good and healthy environment and to prevent our new generation from diseases, we need to raise health awareness.  Prevalence of quacks is a sad reality but authentic and world-class doctors are also available in Pakistan. Only get treatment from to make lives healthy and to treat your diseases in the right manner.

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