Department of Internal Medicine

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An environment is changing fast on this planet and these changes are leading to many complexities in human lives. As we know that every good comes with some evil, so that, with the upgrading of technologies many problems are arising.

These complexities are leading to the shortening of human lives. But there are many departments or communities that are struggling for evolving the solutions to these problems. One of them is known as the “Department of Internal Medicine”.

We may describe it as;
“It is the medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of adult diseases.”
Those patients who fall under the category of internal medicine department are seriously ill and require complex investigations.

Those qualified persons who are the main body of this department are called as the “internists or physicians”.
This department lies under two main medical fields such as;

  • Clinical pharmacy.
  • Veterinary medicine.

How is this Different from Family Medicine Department?

Under the term of medicine, these two major departments lie and these are totally different from each other in their functions as well as staff.

In family medicine department, general physicians are the professionals that are involved in providing care to the patients. These are involved in a long-term relationship with their patients and keep the knowledge and family history regarding their patients. They provide the care according to their specialties and are not able to deal every problem related to different parts of human body.

So now we can easily differentiate these two departments of medicine from each other.
The bottom line is internal medicine department is able to provide a variety of services to all the patients of major organ diseases of the human body but on the other hand, family doctors are only able to provide care to the specified patients, according to their specialty. As well as the services of family doctors are limited but their relation is longer with patient as compared to the internists.

How this Department Works?

As we know that internal medicine is majorly involved in the study and treatment of the diseases and medical conditions that cause the abnormality in the human body’s systems.

  • This covers the problems in all the major organs of the human body such as; digestive system and cardiovascular system etc.
  • This department is able to provide care to all the patients suffering from the disorders in their major body organs.
  • They do not only provide care or treatment to the patients but also carry the investigations on the patients in order to understand the root cause and tries to manage it and prevent it in other population.
  • The adult’s diseases are the main focus of this department.
  • They have wide knowledge along with the wide range of services and those cases who seems to be more complex, they refer those cases to the specialists of the concerning field.

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