Why Hair Transplant is Necessary for Ages 26 – 35

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Have you looked in the mirror and felt that your hairline is receding, or felt that slowly your hair is decreasing? Many of you may wonder why that happens, and there are many reasons. Some may have hair thinning out due to them having a genetic condition called male and female pattern baldness, Others can lose their hair by stressing too much, catching some sort of illness, having a surgery or going through some physical trauma.

Why do people lose their hair?

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a genetic component in the genes of men that make them lose their hair quickly. A hormone called DHT causes hair follicles to shrink so much that no hair can grow in them. Having a receding M shaped hairline is a sign that you could have it.

Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness is a hair loss condition that occurs in women. Unlike male pattern baldness where you can tell because of their distinct M shaped hairline, in females, it rarely results in baldness but it does make your hair thinner. There is no known reason why female pattern baldness happens but experts say that it may have something to do with decreasing hormones as most cases are connected with females who have the condition after menopause.

Hormonal Changes

Hormone imbalances can cause temporary hair loss. Hormones can change because of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and age.

Medical conditions

There are some medical conditions that effect your hair loss like patchy hair loss, scalp infections or hair pulling disorders.


In the journey to cure an illness that you have, you can get hair loss also. Some medicines that doctors might give you are drugs used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems or high blood pressure.

Reasons for wanting to cure your loss of hair

Not Happy With The Way You Look

Ahead without hair to some people may mean ugliness. The world that we live in promotes beautiful, healthy looking hair as something that everyone should have. That also means it gives you a bad impression on people that don’t have hair like that or don’t have hair at all. Due to these opinions, the patient who has hair loss is faced with challenges, resulting in them wanting to cure their condition.

Embarrassment, Shyness and Loss of Confidence

As explained in the above point, not feeling comfortable with the way you look can lead to feeling embarrassed or shy at social gatherings. This also gives you low confidence which effects the way you interact and socializes with people.

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Social Humiliation

Research shows that 60% of all males that show obvious signs of losing hair have been teased, at some point during their lives.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women

Hair loss for men usually means they have a condition called male pattern baldness but there are some cases where it can be because of too much medication, not enough protein, illnesses, stress or too much vitamin A. There are some situations where hair loss, if it isn’t because of male pattern baldness, it can reverse itself. There is no cure for people who have male pattern baldness but it can be slowed down.

Quit Smoking

If you have male or female pattern baldness and are smoking, you are increasing the rate at which you are losing hair. Try and quit smoking so that your condition doesn’t get any worse.


Minoxidil is a hair loss treatment that can be applied on the scalp. It slows the rate at which you lose your hair and sometimes even helps patients grow some hair. But if you stop this treatment, you will go back to losing hair.


This is a prescription pill that slows the hormone DHT so that no more hair is lost. Some experts say that it works better than Minoxidil. Some men have been able to grow hair while using it. Pregnant women should not take this at all as it can effect your pregnancies. Doctors also say that finasteride has no effect in women. If you stop taking this medication, you will continue to lose hair.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that moves hair follicles from the part of the body to another balding part of the body. Hair transplant is mostly used to treat male and female pattern baldness but it can be used for all types of hair loss.

Hair transplants can be expensive and have to be done a couple of times before it works. After two months of usage, you will probably shed the hair that the doctor transplanted but new hair will start to grow from under. It will look normal after 6 months. If you want to take this treatment, there is a possibility of getting a scar or an infection.

There are no official restrictions on hair transplant but most doctors wait until the patients have a stable amount of hair growth so they have enough donor hair that is required for the hair transplant surgery.

Now Hair transplantation surgery is also available in the main cities of Pakistan. If you are in search of best dermatologist in Lahore for hair transplant.

Low-level Laser Therapy

This procedure is a form of light and heat treatment. It has been proven to make hair grow in both men and women.

The medication that is already in place is not as efficient as researchers would like it to be so there are ongoing investigations to see if there are any permanent cures for male and female pattern baldness.

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