Having An Hour Of Sleep After Lunch Boosts Your Brain Function

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A new study shows that a quick nap after lunch is beneficial for your mental health.

Remember when in your school days, your mother would force you to sleep for about an hour or two after lunch? Turns out it was a good idea after all. No wonder getting good grades in school were easier…

A new study has found out that sleeping for one hour after lunch prevents your brain ageing by five years and improves your brain function related to memory and thinking. Any shorter or longer period than an hour did not produce the same results.

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The research was carried out by a team of scientists who analysed 3,000 Chinese people who had crossed 65 years of their age. 60% of them said that they have napped after lunch ranging between 30 – 90 minutes, the average being 63 minutes.

To determine the effects of this short nap, these elderly people were tested with a series of basic maths problems and were requested to memorise words and copy simple geometric figures.

The results of the study carried out by the Health in Aging Foundation and published in Journal of the American Geriatrics Society showed that those who slept for an hour after lunch performed better in mental tests than those who didn’t sleep, or took longer or shorter naps after lunch. Marham.pk can help you to find the best psychiatrists in Lahore.

Sleep After Lunch Boosts Your Brain Function

People who napped for a shorter or longer period experienced a decline in their mental capability that was 4-6 times greater than people who slept for an hour after lunch.

A brief draft of the benefits of an hour of sleep after lunch is as follows:

  • It boosts the cognitive function (thinking, learning, and decision-making ability) and memory span of the brain.
  • Afternoon naps prevents Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.
  • Afternoon sleep also relieves the person from everyday stress and growing depression by providing rest to the brain at a time when brain activity is maximum.

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An hour of sleeping in the afternoon has different benefits in males and females due to the fact that their brains are structured differently. However, the improvement in cognitive ability is seen equally in both genders.

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