The Easiest Way To Consult A Doctor In Pakistan

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Everyone needs a doctor, right? But do we know how to access a doctor when any of your family member is suffering from a health problem? Or do you even know for yourself that we are you gonna do in case you suffer from any ailment? Healthcare is a basic necessity but the ground reality in Pakistan is very disturbing as people do not know how to access and reach a qualified doctor for proper treatment. The inaccessibility of patients to right doctors results in improper treatments, the consequences of which are appalling.

Being a healthcare solution, Marham has catered this problem by launching Marham GP Online Clinic. Let’s take a look at how Marham has made access to a doctor remarkably easy.

Marham GP Online Clinic:

Marham Gp Online Clinic is the best solution if you want to consult a doctor. It can be regarded as the easiest and most suitable way of consulting a doctor from your home. Through GP Online Clinic, you can talk to a qualified General Physician through your phone/laptop and get authentic advice. This clinic has some special perks in terms of its authenticity of advice and easy accessibility:


You don’t have to go to a hospital

You can just talk to a doctor by Marham App or website and get advice from an experienced general physician regarding your issue.

It’s easy to follow up with General Physician

It is important that you follow up to measure your improvement. Having your GP available just one call away is a special blessing.

Session charges are just Rs. 800

On average, a session with good and experienced general physician may cost you Rs. 2000. You also have to wait for your time. Through this clinic, it’s affordable because a lot of students and young people can’t afford high session fee.

How does it work?

Marham GP Online Clinic in three incredibly easy steps:

1. Book Your Consultation

In the first step, all you need to do is click on the book session button and send a request for the consultation.

2. Pay the Fee

In the second step, select the payment method and our representative will call you and guide you how you can pay for the consultation.

3. Consult with the GP

Your consultation will be scheduled for a fixed time. Download the Marham App, we will send you a link on your number and by clicking on that you can consult the general Physician

General Physician in Marham GP Online Clinic:

Dr. Bilal Firdaus Khan:

Dr. Bilal practices as a Specialist Family Physician (Family Medicine Consultant) and has expertise in treating Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Weight Loss, General health issues. Now you can easily consult with Dr. Bilal through Marham GP Online Clinic.

Patient Reviews:

Through Marham GP Online Clinic. 3,321 people have been helped till now. Here is what patients who took the service had to say about the online clinic.


If you’re suffering from any ailment and need quick to access to a doctor, Marham GP Online Clinic is the place for you to go. To book a consultation, visit and get yourself the best advice and treatment. For physical checkup, you can also book an appointment with the best general physician in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan via

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