4 Causes of Infected Pulp That You Should Know

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Our teeth have three layers; enamel, dentin and the pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues which are the core of the tooth and provides tooth’s blood and nutrients. The infected pulp is the secondary stage of tooth decay due to bacterial infection.

Tooth starts decaying (cavities) when acids produced by the bacteria dissolve the hard tissues (enamel, dentin, cementum) of the teeth. This leads to infected pulp or pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp). If this stage of tooth decay is not treated properly it leads to the necrotic pulp (death of pulp).

Infected Pulp

Prolonged pain and increased sensitivity to stimuli, for example, hot and cold are the symptoms of infected pulp.

There are many causes behind infected pulp; some of them are discussed here,

1. Physical Trauma

Physical trauma is the main cause of pulpitis that includes physical abuse to the tooth or sometimes during dental procedures trauma may occur with the dental equipment. But trauma chances are more during accidents or any other injury. In this situation, the outer layers of the tooth are damaged due to trauma that basically protects the pulp. And hence the pulp becomes infected or inflamed due to injury.

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2. Hypersensitivity

It is basically the symptom of pulpitis or other dental problems. But it may become the cause of infected pulp. The increased sensitivity to stimuli like hot, cold or sour shows there is something problematic in the oral cavity. It is the signal that dentin is exposed to the oral cavity and the stimuli directly affect the nerve of the tooth in the pulp. This is the major cause of pulp infection. As it shows dentin is now exposed and pulp is directly attacked by the bacteria.


3. Bacterial infections

Bacteria like to survive on the food debris present on the teeth. The acid is produced from the food debris or sugars on the tooth surface. This acid starts dissolving the outer layer enamel of the tooth. Then it damages the inner part dentin and in the end, the pulp becomes infected.

The inflammation is associated with a bacterial infection. In this situation, the pulp cavity is no longer sealed and opens to the oral cavity. This increases the chances of infections which lead to inflammation. The inflamed pulp puts pressure on the pulp cavity, nerve of the tooth and the other tissues.

Inflammation causes severe throbbing pain in the infected and its neighboring teeth. Sometimes infected pulp put so much pressure on the nerve of the tooth that it often becomes difficult to locate the source of the pain

4. Periodontitis

The gum diseases basically damage the gums and form pockets of space between gums and teeth. Space is filled with food debris and is the source of bacterial infection. This leads to abscess development in the gums. And hence becomes the cause of infected pulp.

The infected pulp should be diagnosed at early stages. It’s only treatment is the root canal. In which the infected pulp is removed from to the tooth. Then the tooth and its root canals are filled with some inert substance and pack the opening. Most of the tooth decay problems are due to bacteria which damage the dentin and enamel and reach the pulp. So it is always advisable to consult your dentist immediately whenever you feel any tooth problem or cavities as they are the main cause of tooth decay and pulpitis(infected pulp). These problems if left untreated, they become more serious and do more damage to your tooth and overall health.

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