4 Most Interesting Psychological Concepts

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If you upload a lot of pictures and stuff about you on social platforms psychology says you might have a behavioral disorder! It is called the dark triad. Human behavior is a very interesting genre to study. Psychology encompasses the study of human and animal behaviors as well. This is the discipline which also deals with identifying abnormal behaviors and ways to rectify these. It might as well interest you to know about some more interesting types of behavior. I find it amazing that some of these behaviors exhibited by people and they do not know about it.

Hindsight Bias

You would often hear something like this:

I told you this is going to happen
I knew it already etc etc

This is the case of hindsight behavior. It is the inclination to predict consequences of events and behaviors. This includes predicting and believing that one can predict true outcomes. We all are prone to this kind of behavior at times. This can be rectified by making judgments using facts and avoiding unnecessary intuition-based judgments.
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Double Foot-in-the-door

The foot-in-the-door is a socially popular psychological concept. This refers to the way you can make people respond positively to your requests. Similar to this is the double-foot-in-the-door concept. While foot-in-the-door is a 2 step process. Double-foot-in-the-door is a 3 step process where you initially make a small request. Unlike former instead of directly jumping to big favor, you make slightly bigger favor and then ask for a huge favor in the third step. This is a bit lengthy process but it has a high success rate.

The Dark Triad

In this era of Facebook and Instagram, this is probably the most interesting and relatable concept to talk about. The Dark Triad if personality is a combination of three kinds of behaviors which are psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism as well.

Psychology says that people who are too much into posting their personal images on social websites show this kind of behavior. The above-mentioned traits are socially undesirable but anyone having these traits don’t always have a negative personality. Some studies even find that people with higher dark triad are more likely to succeed compared to others.

Fear of Happiness

This probably is one of the most astonishing types of behavior exhibited by humans.

Do you know anyone who is afraid of being happy?
Isn’t it that happiness is the ultimate quest human race is after?

It surprised me to know that some cultures exist where people are scared of happiness. Their happiness means a stroke of bad luck, trouble, and tragedy in disguise. If anyone feels good it scares them to lose something or experience bad consequences.

These are just a few examples of how varied human behavior is. If you want to know more about strange human behaviors let us know in the comments section. Meanwhile, if you feel troubled due to any psychological issues do not be ashamed of it. Get proper help for you and for your loved ones as well. You can even have an online consultation right from the comfort of your home. Log on to marham.pk to know more about this.

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