Interesting Psychological Concepts That Will Leave You Boggled

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stepmotherHave you ever had moments of realization, where you thought that all of this has happened before? You might think of yourself as the chosen one by God. The one who can see the future. But you are nothing special. This happens to everyone. This phenomenon is called Deja Vu. This is not the only interesting and mind-boggling concept, psychology is filled with such interesting psychological concepts.

Human behavior is a very interesting genre to study. Psychology encompasses the study of human and animal behaviors as well. This is the discipline that also deals with identifying abnormal behaviors and ways to rectify these. It might as well interest you to know about some more interesting types of behavior. I find it amazing that some of these behaviors exhibited by people and they do not know about them.

Learn all about psychology and interesting psychological concepts.

Interesting Psychological Concepts

Deja Vu

Have you ever felt the glitch in the matrix? Have you ever thought that you have been in the same position with the same view, before? If yes, you must have experienced Deja Vu. People usually define it as a glitch in the matrix. Deja Vu is not just an interesting psychological concept but it involves the concept of time and space as well. Scientists have tried to create the Deja Vu effect in a controlled environment but failed. This leads us to believe that it is a memory phenomenon. You must have a vague memory of an event which you start relating to the present. Although the two are not very similar, you perceive them to be exactly the same.

Know more about the science behind Deja Vu.

The Mandela Effect

“Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of us all.” This is what the Snow whites’ step mother used to say to the mirror, Right? No! It was “Magic mirror on the wall.” You can google it if you want. While you are at it try searching a dash between coca and cola, the glasses on the monopoly man, the galluses mickey mouse used to wear.

Oh you are back, with a worried face of course. Everything seems like a lie, Right? This is called The Madela Effect; there are certain events in history that we vividly remember but they are all false. This effect was named after the death data of Nelson Mandela, which too was remembered differently by people but is quite different in reality.

The Oedipus Complex

This is a term used by Sigmund Freud in his “Theory of Psychosexual Stages of Development”. It describes the feeling of the desire of a child towards the parent of the opposite sex. According to this concept, a baby boy feels attracted to his mother and considers his father as his rival. The boy will try to replace his father by adopting the same traits as his. The same goes for a baby girl, she will try to compete with her mother for the possession of her father.

This might seem completely absurd and made up, but is a strong concept in psychology. Even if you’re remotely interested in psychology, you must know about Sigmund Freud and the importance he holds in the world of psychology.

Hindsight Bias

You would often hear something like this:

I told you this is going to happen
I knew it already etc etc

This is the case of hindsight behavior. It is the inclination to predict the consequences of events and behaviors. This includes predicting and believing that one can predict true outcomes. We all are prone to this kind of behavior at times. This can be rectified by making judgments using facts and avoiding unnecessary intuition-based judgments.

Double Foot-in-the-door

The foot-in-the-door is a socially popular psychological concept. This refers to the way you can make people respond positively to your requests. Similar to this is the double-foot-in-the-door concept. While foot-in-the-door is a 2 step process. Double-foot-in-the-door is a 3 step process where you initially make a small request. Unlike former instead of directly jumping to big favor, you make slightly bigger favor and then ask for a huge favor in the third step. This is a bit lengthy process but it has a high success rate.

The Dark Triad

In this era of Facebook and Instagram, this is probably the most interesting and relatable concept to talk about. The Dark Triad if personality is a combination of three kinds of behaviors which are psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism as well.

Psychology says that people who are too much into posting their personal images on social websites show this kind of behavior. The above-mentioned traits are socially undesirable but anyone having these traits don’t always have a negative personality. Some studies even find that people with a higher dark triad are more likely to succeed compared to others.

Fear of Happiness

This probably is one of the most astonishing types of behavior exhibited by humans.

Do you know anyone who is afraid of being happy?
Isn’t it that happiness is the ultimate quest the human race is after?

You will be surprised to know that some cultures exist where people are scared of happiness. Their happiness means a stroke of bad luck, trouble, and tragedy in disguise. If anyone feels good it scares them to lose something or experience bad consequences.

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