4 Tips To Make Hair Stronger From Roots

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Who doesn’t want to have a strong, healthy, and shiny hair? It is something that each one of us desires to have. But is it that simple and easy? Well not really! Weak hair can take on many forms even split ends, extreme dryness, and excessive oiliness can all be signs of weak hair. It can be caused by hormonal factors, usage of certain medications, diseases, stress, cancer treatment, poor diet, or a fungal infection of the scalp. So, if you’ve seen breakage, split ends, and dryness in your hair then it’s time get your hair back on track. Here are 4 tips that can help you make your hair stronger and healthy.

1.Boost Your Diet:

You should start taking nutritional supplements, they will provide your hair with the vitamins it needs such as vitamin B, which help strengthen the hair and nails. Meanwhile, you can also get these essential and hair strengthening vitamins through foods such as liver, oily fish, and eggs.

2. Take Scalp Massage:

If you think you can’t do it yourself at home then take scalp massage by professional. The roots of your hair are nourished by capillaries that carry oxygen and nutrients. That’s why stimulating the circulation help to strengthen the roots of your hair. Whereas brushing your hair with head tilted forward and down also stimulates the blood flow and help in making your hair thick and strong from roots.

3.Moisturize Your Hair:

You know that it is important to moisturize your skin but do you know that your hair also needs moisture? Dryness in the scalp makes hair weaker and dull. You should massage your scalp with moisturizing oil for minutes before taking shower. However, a hair mask or conditioner also helps provide moisture to dry scalps and weak hair. Also, let your hair dry naturally whenever possible and avoid using hair dryers.

4. Use Right Products:

Correct use of shampoo and conditioner is very much important. You should always consult with the dermatologist before using any new hair product. If something works well on a friend doesn’t mean it will work for you as well. Always use such products that are suitable for your hair and skin type. A good dermatologist can help you detect and diagnose weak hair and make recommendations on suitable product usage.

If these hair care tips don’t help make your hair stronger then there must be some underlying causes for your weak and unhealthy hair. Some medical conditions can also make your hair weak and dull. So, it is advisable for you to consult with the dermatologist to rule out a medical condition. You can also visit Marham.pk, where you can easily book an online appointment with the best doctors in Pakistan.

Few Most Popular Dermatologist:

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