5 Simple Ways To Get Relief From Severe Back Pain When Sleeping

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At some point in our lives, we all have been through an agonizing back pain that seems to linger on and on. Irrespective of age or gender, we all can become the victim of a lower back pain that could be initiated by several factors. It’s not easy to ignore a back pain that could hinder your daily activities from time to time.

When you finally switch to pain-reducing medicines you realize that it’s no help as well. So what could you do about the problem? To fix a chronic issue, we need to investigate and treat the root causes of that issue. And that is why we have accumulated the top 5 tips to help you get better sleep at night that will contribute to your overall health.

1. Discover The Proper Way to Rest Yourself

According to a recent survey, it was revealed that an improper sleeping position is a major reason we suffer from lower back pain. We spend a good amount of time of our lives sleeping and resting that helps us prepare our body for the next day. But if you wake up with an aching back, your overall productivity of the day will decrease significantly.


Every individual has their own way of sleeping at night and most choose to follow whatever feels comfortable. However, to avoid waking up with back pain you must stick to a sleeping position that does not hurt your spine in any shape or form.

Use lots of pillows to support your curves and many other low points of your bone structure. You could sleep on your back with knee support or you could place a pillow between your knees. If you sleep on your back in a reclined position, stick to that unless you toss and turn around at night.

2. A Good Mattress Could Make a World of Difference

Now that you have adjusted to a new and better sleeping position, you need to take a look at another factor that affects your body. The mattress you have been sleeping on may not seem like much, but a closer inspection will reveal that old mattresses contribute to back pains. Over the years, your mattress could lose its springiness and flexibility that could put unnecessary pressure on your back.


Just like everything else, mattresses are not a “one-size fits all” type product. Everyone has a different sleeping preference. To keep up with the needs, there are various mattresses out there in the market that will fit your requirement. However, mattresses alone may not be enough, which is why you should consider investing in a good mattress topper.

Mattress toppers are a great option for individuals with chronic back pain and have trouble feeling comfortable at night.

3. Be Careful While Getting In And Out of Bed

Did you know that getting in or out of bed could also become the reason for back pain? Yes, It most certainly does! Jerking up on to your feet right after you wake up or jumping onto your mattress at night, both should be avoided.


Instead of hurrying out of bed in the morning, roll over to your side, take the aid of your arms and gently push yourself up and out of bed. Maintain the cautiousness even while going to bed by turning to your side and then reclining onto your bed

4. Physical Fitness Leads to Better Sleep

Physical activity is a must when it comes to being healthy and active. Lying on your bed all day will cause you unwanted back pain. To keep problems at bay, develop the habit of getting regular exercise.
But when we mention exercise, it is not limited to basic stretching and doing planks. There are certain aerobics and physical exercises that are directed towards building muscle and bone strength focusing on particular parts of your body.


In this case, you need to practice exercise that increases the strength in your hips, back, and your spinal cord. It could also ease the pain on your joints and back altogether but make sure to exercise in a moderate manner that does not cause more harm than good.

5. Allocate Time for Yoga Before Bed

If strenuous activities and exercises are not helping you out, don’t lose hope yet. An old and probably the best form of exercise could aid you in distress of back pain and that is Yoga. Yoga has been adopted by many patients and healthy people over the world because of its benefits and zero side effects. The art of Yoga not only gets your blood flowing but helps you attain inner peace.


Yoga is a great treatment option for individuals suffering from insomnia. For back pain, you should consider doing yoga before bed. Before you start Yoga, talk to doctors, experts and a mentor who could guide you about how useful it could be, and what you need to do to attain the relaxation stage.

Some Final Thoughts

Back pain is a major issue among most of us of this era. Be it from wrong sleeping positions or hunching over the screen all day, back pain could be initiated by many issues unconsciously.
It’s important to listen to your health in order to be more productive in your day-to-day activities.

If back pain is what’s holding you back from doing what you want to, it’s time to implement changes and develop a healthy lifestyle. Find the best acupuncturist in your area for back pain solution.

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