5 Worst Things to Eat before Exercise

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Fall is setting in and it’s a pretty good time to hit the gym. Especially if you have been putting off exercise during summers. Although walking and starting off with light exercise is a good idea too but working out at a gym has its own benefits. Either you work out, walk or exercise in a nearby park here is some good to know information for you.

See what you should avoid eating prior to a workout to get most out of it.

High Fiber Vegetables:

Fiber is good for you but not right before a workout. High fiber vegetables are hard to digest and make you feel uncomfortable during a workout. Stick to easily digestible vegetables. So avoid broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower. Well, cooked asparagus and potatoes can be chosen instead. To solve digestion related problems book an appointment with a stomach doctor in Karachi or other main cities in Pakistan using marham.pk.

High-Fat Foods:

Eating good fats has many benefits for the body. But eating high-fat foods like red meat before work out is not the best choice somehow. Your body has to work hard to change this type of fat into energy. So while you may become tired and sweating actually you would have just started burning some fat.

Yogurt :

As with any packaged food read the label to know how much of what you are consuming. Flavored ones can be high in sugar and fat. Also if you face trouble digesting dairy products avoid eating these before you hit the gym. If you are diabetic don’t forget to consult your doctor before starting any exercise. To find and consult the best endocrinologist in Islamabad, Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan using marham.pk.


These are packed with multiple benefits. But high protein and fatty acid in these don’t make these a choice before a workout. If you plan to add these to your diet plan the time of intake accordingly.


Contrary to what is marketed these are not very helpful before a workout. Depending upon ingredients these can have up to 800 calories. A lot of added sugar will definitely give an energy boost. Following it is the dreaded “crash” that you cannot afford during a workout.

Avoid eating granola and protein bars for the same reason. Similarly, energy drinks and soda all have high amounts of sugar which you don’t need at all. Also grabbing a fast food on the way to the gym is equally worst.
While list to avoid food before a gym might seem long experts don’t encourage going hungry either. Eating a snack which contains some protein and carbs is fine. A cracker with peanut butter and banana or a hard-boiled egg makes a perfect choice.

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