6 Tips to Prevent Text Neck

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Chances are you are reading this article from a handheld device positioned in a seriously harmful posture called “text-neck”. Text neck position is a real epidemic these days. An average person spends around five hours a day using their phone that leads to grievous consequences like neck aches and pains.

Text neck compresses the muscles at the front of the neck and stretches those at the back. Your neck bears the weight of head that is around 10 pounds and for every inch when you lean it forward the weight that neck has to carry increases by two times.
text neck syndrome
Do you want to prevent this? Here are few tips to avoid this condition.

Prevention of Text Neck:

Ditching our devices is certainly not an option but what we can do is doing right exercises and following good habits that can forefend this comeuppance.

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Take Frequent Breaks:

Taking prevalent breaks from screen time is really helpful to palliate text-neck. Take a break of two to three minutes after at least every hour. You can put reminders on phone or use sticky notes on screen to help you with this.

Change the Way You Hold Your Phone:

Make sure to hold your phone on the level of your eyes so you do not slouch your head too much. This will keep your head in line with your shoulders and help to de-escalate stress on your neck muscles.prevention of text neck

Try Text Neck App:

There are apps available that give you real-time feedback about your posture. You can even opt for reminders when you lack to keep up with good posture.

Get Help:

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort on regular basis get help from a chiropractor. You can find and consult with the best chiropractor in Karachi, Lahore and all other main cities of Pakistan via marham.pk. A chiropractor can help you in getting relief from pain and address structural issues of the neck that may strengthen over time due to text neck


Doing yoga and meditation has proven benefits for calming bodily aches. 10 minutes of yoga every day can help relieve tightness of muscles and help correct muscular imbalances.

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