6 Tips To Increase Your Child’s Height That You Should Know!

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Are you the one who is worried about his/her child’s height? And you are always searching for tips to increase height. Then, first of all, keep this in your mind that height is determined by genetic factors 60-80%. And these factors can’t be changed. And another important thing is, height stops increasing after puberty especially in girls. In the case of boys, the height may increase until the end of their teens.

However, you can try certain things to ensure your growth during the growing age. And you should continue these activities to remain fit and healthy. You can contact your dietitian for a proper diet plan for your child to endure his/her growth. Through Marham, you can contact the best dietitian in Lahore.

Here are some tips to increase your child’s height during growing age;

Proper diet:

Diet plays a key role in growth and development. It provides all the necessary nutrients that a body needs for growth. An increase in height is the indicator of good growth. So the most important nutrient for growth is Vitamins. the best sources of vitamins are;

  • vegetables like broccoli, spinach, etc
  • fruits like apple, mango, banana, avocado, etc
  • dairy milk, yogurt, cheese, etc

Similarly, consuming the right amount of minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium is also very important. For that, your child should consume lentils, meat, eggs, etc.

It is also important to take meals at the proper times.

Good Sleep:

Sleep is very important for height. The growth hormone release when you are asleep. So during growing age, it is important to have the recommended amount of sleep.

It is also important to focus on your body posture during sleeping. Try to sleep in a straight position.

Exercise and Yoga:

Exercise and yoga are also a very important factor when comes to height. It keeps your body active and makes your muscles strong. An increase in metabolism due to exercise is also helpful in increasing height.

Yoga helps your body to maintain a straight posture. It also helps in relaxing the mind. All these factors enhance the child’s overall growth.

Practice proper posture:

Encourage your child to maintain proper body posture while sitting and standing. This helps in growth. Don’t bend your spine while sitting for a longer time. Try to practice straight posture while sitting and standing.

Make the Immune system strong:

Keeping the immune system strong helps in gaining some extra inches. The poor immune system may allow some childhood illnesses to attack your child. That hinders your child’s growth in later ages. Try to increase vitamin C in your child’s diet to improve the immune system.

Extra-curricular activities and sports:

Activities like swimming and running increase the growth of your child. Encourage your child to participate in these activities during his school and allow your child to play in open grounds for proper growth.

Sports and athletics like long jump, long race, skipping rope are very beneficial for your child’s growth. Ask your child to participate in such extra-curricular activities. They keep your child healthy and active.

On a closing note, a small height is not the end of this world. You can try to increase this above-mentioned tips during the growing age of your child. But don’t indulge in remedies and medicines to increase the height of your child. They are not good for your child’s health. Moreover, It may shatter your child’s confidence. Try to encourage your child to accept his/her height confidently.

You can consult the best dietitian in Lahore through Marham for proper guidance about your child’s health.

And for online consultation, you can visit Marham’s official website or download the Marham mobile app for booking an appointment with the best health specialist in Pakistan.

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