7 Weight Loss Mistakes That Might Hamper Your Efforts

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Are you tired of trying all sorts of diets and still not being able to shed the extra pounds? Well, you are not alone. There a lot of people who are trying to lose weight, still failing miserably. There can be a serious underlying medical cause or simple weight loss mistakes, that might be hampering your efforts.

If you are overweight or obese, you should lose weight healthily. When people opt for a healthy diet they often free themselves from all restrictions, they otherwise follow on a fad diet. Healthy eating doesn’t mean eating anything and everything you like with a sprinkle of whole grains. A healthy diet needs to be designed as intricately as any other fad or fancy diet.

Along with a proper diet, some easy tips to lose weight can help you lose weight fast and effectively. If you’re wondering that how to lose weight or are looking for some weight loss mistakes, that you might be making, this article is for you.

Mistakes that are hindering your weight loss

1. You’re not eating in moderation

If you are trying to lose weight but stuffing yourself with healthy foods, you are making a mistake. A healthy diet is all about eating in moderation. Eating too much healthy food like cereals, meat or vegetables, can hinder your weight loss process. In fact, eating too much of any food can lead to weight gain.

The wisest weight loss tip is to eat fewer calories. The type of foods you eat comes after that. Giving up processed food and fatty food is an important advancement. But this does not certify you to eat anything and everything else, in unlimited quantities. Quality and quantity, both are essential determinants of your weight loss pace.

2. You’re skimping on proteins

If you think that eating salads all day is the key to lose weight, you might be wrong. Taking moderate amounts of protein can help you stay full for long. This can help you lose weight more efficiently and effectively.

Research suggests that a protein-rich breakfast can help manage hunger better. This can suppress your need for a mid-meal snack, leading to lower calorie intake and hence weight loss.

3. You’re cheating on your fibers

Fibers have always been associated with weight loss and rightfully so. These not only provide increased satiety but keep your gut functions normal. Fibers are responsible for efficient gut motility, preventing issues like constipation.

Normal gut functioning plays a major role in weight gain and loss. Packing a punch of fiber in all your major meals can help you stay satiated. It can fill your stomach without adding many calories.

4. Your not lifting weight

Although diet plays a major role in weight loss, exercise follows closely behind. Simple exercises like taking a walk or raising your legs won’t help you much in losing weight. Performing resistance training is incredibly important during weight loss.

Researches prove that strength training is important for increasing metabolic rate. Proper exercise is not only essential for weight loss but for regulating body composition. Weight training is crucial for losing the extra fat, especially around the belly.

5. You are not sleeping well

Sleep plays an important role in overall body functioning. Studies show that inadequate sleep is associated with increased body mass index.

If you wake up tired, you set the tone for the rest of your day. Lethargy can lead you to drink a sugary drink, be lazy at work and skip the gym. All of these coupled together can hinder your weight loss.

6. You may have an underlying issue

It might be that all your weight loss efforts are in the right direction, but there might be something else that keeps you from losing weight.

Medical issues like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hypothyroidism, and sleep apnea can prevent you from losing weight. If you have tried all methods of losing weight and still failed it’s time for you to consult a doctor. Taking proper medication and a complimentary diet will not help you lose weight but treat your disease more effectively.

7. You might be wrong all along

Well, this mistake might give you a ray of hope. If you, like many other people are relying on just a weighing scale to measure your progress, you need to change. A weighing machine measure weights in kilos and pounds. This can be very sensitive and even a sip of water can show different results.

It is also possible that you are gaining muscle along with losing fat, keeping the weight constant. So it’s important to measure your body with other tools like an inches tape along with a weighing scale, to get a better idea of your progress.

Poorly designed and ill implicated weight loss programs often fail so the wisest option is to consult a nutritionist and gift yourself a professionally designed weight loss program.

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