All You Need To Know About Diabetic Neuropathy (FAQS)

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Diabetes is a chronic disease which can result into various health complications. Diabetic neuropathy is one outcome of diabetes in which nerves get severely affected. It mostly attack arms and legs by making them numb, sensitive and a patient might feel pain, tingling or burning sensation because of it.

If you are diabetic or have a family history of diabetes and you face any discomfort in your legs and hands, its time you visit best neurologist as soon as possible.

Marham is here to answer some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Diabetic Neuropathy which may serve as a complete guideline for you.

How can Diabetes damage nerves?

Diabetes is a nightmare for our blood vessels especially to the blood vessels which carry blood to the nerves endings. Nerves once get damaged can’t communicate with brain effectively which as result causes weakness, loss of balance and mostly a partial or a complete loss of sensation such as heat and cold.

Is it preventable?

The only way you keep yourself away from is to keep check on your blood sugar level. Once you stabilize blood sugar it may reduce your chance of developing nerve damage.

What are the potential hazards of Nerve damage?

Well! Loss of sensation from your feet and hands make you vulnerable of injuries and if you delay treating the wound you are in trouble. The slow healing can cause sores and ulcers to appear on your limbs and if not treated on time it can lead to even limb amputation.

What can I do to manage the consequences Of Diabetic neuropathy?

Once the nerve gets infected, damage has been done but you can take some steps to reduce the damage by following some measures such as:

  • Inspect your both feet daily
  • Don’t walk barefoot
  • Wash your feet daily with lukewarm water
  • Cut your toe nails regularly
  • Wear comfortable, Breathable shoes

Is it curable?

Even-though it is not completely curable but it is definitely manageable. There are medicines that are available to manage the symptoms of diabetic nerve pain. We recommend you to consult best neurologist to get suitable medication for you.

Diabetes is a deadly disease. Living with diabetic neuropathy is not easy. It can make your life miserable hence it is always better to consult doctor who an expert is treating it. It requires a complete change in lifestyle.

Few Most Popular Neurologists:

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