Avoid These 9 Foods to Get the Relieve from Psoriasis (چنبل)

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Red, scaly and itchy patches of psoriasis are really terrible enough to see and to bear. If your comfort and beauty are compromised because of psoriasis and medication are not affecting much than a few adjustments in your diet may help. Immediately cut out following things to control psoriasis flare up.

Refined Sugar:

It is a general villain for health but becomes the worse in case of psoriasis. It promotes inflammation and aggravates psoriasis. It also adds on the extra body mass which worsens psoriasis.

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Fried Foods:

These types of foods are responsible for elevating toxin levels of blood and inflammation. Both factors make psoriasis even more torturing.


If the person is gluten sensitive than gluten-containing foods like wheat barley and rye may aggravate the associated symptoms of psoriasis. Go gluten-free to stay psoriasis free.

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Dairy Products:

Dairy products are quite beneficial in normal situations. But for psoriasis patient, it unmasks its darker side. Fats of dairy products aggravate psoriasis. Low-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt can be used.

Citrus Fruits:

The Delicious taste of citrus fruits becomes an enemy when you are suffering from psoriasis. Yes, it is possible that these good friends of the skin may cause some allergy enhancing psoriasis rashes.

Nightshade vegetables:

Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are natural reservoirs of alkaloids and lectins. Both substances are potent inducers of inflammation so aggravate psoriasis and its associated symptoms.

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Soda and soda based drinks are enriched with harmful chemicals which not only aggravate inflammation but also flare up the itching of psoriases. So avoid soda and carbonated drinks if you are in the state of battle with psoriasis.

Red Meat:

Red meat is another food item which provides the fuel to high blood flow and inflammation. In result, psoriasis plays better to make your life even miserable.

Condiments and spices:

The taste enhancers may snatch out the taste of your life by aggravating the signs of psoriasis. Pimento, cinnamon, curry, vinegar, mayo, paprika, sauces and ketchup are responsible for inflammation and itching. So stay away from these to control your psoriasis.

Keep in mind that leaving the taste is really hard but your sacrifice will reward you in the long run and help you to get your beauty and comfort back relieving you from psoriasis.

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