Top 5 Causes Of Diabetes That People Tend To Ignore

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Are you living in a false hope of having the immunity of Superman? No one is that strong or even lucky. We are accustomed to all the stories about diabetes; your friend might have said that it runs in their family like an heirloom. However, that is NOT the case; NO ONE IS SAFE!

Here are some of the causes of diabetes;



Yes! Look down at those balloon bellies and wipe the smirk off. That belly is an obstacle between you and healthy life.

“Obesity adds extra pressure on your body’s ability to use insulin. Hence, insulin insufficient to control the blood sugar levels of your body.”

Hit the gym! Support your body in the fight against diabetes.



It may seem unorthodox, but there are many drugs that temper with the insulin levels.

“These medications include niacin, a type of vitamin B3, and some diuretics, also known as water pills, some psychiatric drugs, and anti-seizure drugs.”

Bad diet



As obvious as it may sound, but still we neglect it. Health has to do with everything that enters into our mouth, from the billion micro-organisms rampaging in our mouth cavity to the jumbo size burger with extra cheese. So, stop the midnight munching, and overeating, it is destroying your health.

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It may be one of the hardest things to do in one’s life; to quit smoking. But, it is about time. Man up! And do the good deed.

“Smoking influences the blood flow, the lack of blood flow to other parts of the body, may lead to diabetes.”

It might be excruciating to stop, but celebrate life by staying healthy.

Sedentary Lifestyle



We all have been couch potatoes all our lives at some point or the other. But, do you know some people do it religiously. They have stopped working out or initiating any physical exertion. It is very devastating, and this leads to diabetes. Not only diabetes, but it also leads to other harmful diseases as well.



Yes, genes do play a significant role in our lives. Some people are unfortunate enough to have it. But, it can be avoided. Working out and eating right can help to prevent diabetes. An active person will always have an advantage over others.

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