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Akram Medical Complex

Here is the inspiring story of Akram Medical Complex


Akram Medical Complex has established around 25 years ago. We made this hospital, with the only purpose of serving our patients. Our patients’ lives are our asset and we put all our effort to provide them the best quality services. We were the pioneers, who brought the...

lose weight in Ramadan

5 Ways To Lose Weight in Ramadan


In Ramazan, it is customary to have pakoras, samosas, dahi bhallay, and kachoris, which contain an uncountable amount of oil and fat in it. An entire month of consuming oily food and fizzy drinks can be very dangerous, it can lead to obesity, high cholesterol, heart problems...

Causes of kidney failure

5 Diseases That Causes Kidney Failure


The kidney is a vital part of the body, which filters the blood and discards the waste through urine. The blood goes through the kidney several times, and the kidney cleans it every time. Kidney also balances the electrolytes in the body. Kidney failure is when due...

common genetic disorders

5 Most Common Genetic Disorders That You Can Have

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Genetic disorders are when an illness from one generation passes to the next generation. Sometimes, these disorders skip one generation, but still prevails in the genome (genetic structure of a person). Genetic disorders can also be caused by mutation, which stays in the gene pool. Mutation is...

sleep apnea treatment

What is sleep apnea and what are the treatments


Sleep apnea is a disorder, in which a person experiences trouble in sleeping. In sleep apnea, the person feels shortness of breath. A person can experience shortness of breath numerous times during the sleeping. Most people are unaware of the types and treatment of sleep apnea. Central...

5 Best Dermatologists in Lahore

5 Best Dermatologists in Lahore


Criteria: most visited profiles on Marham platform. Dermatology is medical field that is concerned with hair, skin, nails and the diseases related to them. Some common disease related to dermatology are acne, eczema, skin cancer, chicken pox, and measles. The main issue with the people in Lahore is...


5 ways to channelize your anger


Anger is a very strong emotion, and it has a significant impact on a person’s health. It is hard to be rational when angry. The main aim of this article is to help a person organize his/her anger, because numerous people do not know how to control...

flawless pink lips

How to get flawless pink lips

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Lips are one of the most sensitive regions in the human body. There are different types of skin diseases, which affects the lips of a person, such as actinic cheilitis, and cold sores. Lips can be sensitive to antibiotic treatments, so there are certain homemade remedies which...