COVID19 Now Detectable In A Minute Through Breath Test

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October 30, 2020: As we’re spending more and more time in the COVID19 pandemic, we are learning and making new things to make this time easier. Recently, a new non-invasive COVID19 breath test is introduced. This new breath test is able to deliver the required results “within one minute”. The breath test has been developed by scientists in the UK.

The breath test technology was originally designed to be a part of the project that was known as TOXI-Triage. This test would now be used to rapidly distinguish COVID19 from other respiratory conditions. According to the researchers, their findings are capable of dramatically improving the experience of taking a COVID19 test as well as help to restart the economy.

This TOXI-Triage project was launched approximately four years ago. It carried the aim to determine the most effective and result-oriented ways to give medical assessments.

The application manager at the Imspex Group, that collaborated on this research, said:

“Currently the two leading tests for COVID-19 – antigen detection and PCR – both utilise invasive means of taking samples, which can be uncomfortable for the patient and may discourage some from going to get a test they desperately need”.

They further mention that they are excited to be working with NHS trusts for developing the minimally invasive test that shows results rapidly or more precisely within one minute.

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