Here Are The Major Causes Of Food Poisoning And How You Can Avoid It

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Natural beauty is the second best thing about Pakistan. Yes! Food is still the first best thing. It’s not about being Lahori or Sindhi. Whole Pakistan is a foodie, we love to cook, love to eat and love to host dinners and lunch.
I was going through my Facebook news feed and I read a very sarcastic yet true statement that Pakistani people spent half of their time thinking about what to eat and where to eat. We really cannot deny our love for food.
But the irony is there is more oil in our foods and they are full of “Mirch Masala” (spices). This is the reason that these KHABBAY actually take longer to digest. There is another fact that these foods can directly cause harm to your body.

Food poisoning is one of the issues due to these unhealthy foods. There are so many other reasons that are directly related to food poisoning. Poisoning from food is one of a common issue we are facing. Let’s just highlight these reasons and keep our hand slow on all these unhealthy foods. If you are experiencing food poisoning then you can get an appointment with the best gastroenterologist in Rawalpindi or any other city through

Symptoms of Food Poisoning.

Poisoning from food shows immediate symptoms and they are actually severe too. These symptoms include.

    • Nausea.
    • Diarrhea.
    • Vomiting.
    • Severe pain in stomach.
    • Trouble in digesting any food.

Now the question is why food poisoning actually happens? Here we are going to discuss some really common reasons of food poisoning.

Food poisoning


It is a type of bacteria that can be found in most of the food we consume on daily basis. Chicken, eggs, milk and even water sometimes contain this bacteria. Sometimes they are also present in unpasteurized cheese. Cooking well is the only option to get rid of this bacteria that are present in food.

This bacteria can cause an immediate effect on your body and your digestive system can get harm immediately.

Enteric Viruses

This bacteria is mostly present in the intestine of the animal. If you are a meat lover then you must take care before eating it. Make sure that the animal is hygienic or the meat is coming from a good source. Those who work in slaughterhouse must keep themselves extra hygienic. Direct contact with animal feces can also transmit this bacteria in the body.

Other than this bacteria can also present in milk and cheese as well. It can be harmful to the immune system if not treated on time. Hepatitis A can be the worst condition that one can face in severe cases with this bacterial attack.


Although the majority of the time these viruses and bacteria get transmitted through the meat but this virus mostly get transmitted through vegetables. If vegetables are not cooked well then they can cause food poisoning. It is very important to take vegetable from hygienic sources and try not to eat use undercooked vegetables.


This bacteria mostly grows in cold area such as a refrigerator. So if you are using cheese, milk, meat and vegetable that remain in the refrigerator for so long then you can suffer from food poisoning really quickly. If you are experiencing food poisoning then you can get an appointment with the best gastroenterologist in Karachi or any other city through
Listeria can cause serious infection. Its initial symptoms are more like other viruses but it can cause serious weaknesses and stiff neck.

Extra spices.

If you are using lots of amount of spices and oil then there are 100% chances that you can get caught with serious food poisoning. Use less oil and prefer to use olive oil more often. Try to use fewer spices as well.
If you are using over spices then use some soothing drinks with it. Add lemon and ginger in your food because it can help you in healthy digestion.


With a few simple steps and tips, you can avoid food poisoning. Let’s have a look at these points that can help you to eat better and live better.

    • Wash the meat or vegetable very nicely once you bring it in the kitchen.
    • In the refrigerator, keep raw and cooked food separately.
    • Also keep vegetables separately from meat.
    • Boil the meat really well before consumption.
    • Wash hands properly before and after cooking meat and other foods.
    • Clean refrigerator often.
    • Avoid reusing food that is left in the refrigerator for more days.
    • Use less oil and spices.
    • Use fresh milk and cheese.
    • Wash away blood from meat properly.

By following above simple steps you can avoid food poisoning. But it is always better to consult with a doctor if you are suffering from poisoning because in severe cases patient’s situation can get worst.


If you are suffering from poisoning from food then there are some magical home remedies that can help you and they are just present in your kitchen. Following are the remedies that can really help you out.


You can make ginger tea. Eating raw ginger or using in food is also the best option. It works really quickly for vomiting and stomach issues. You can swallow ginger slice with honey as well.

Causes Of Food Poisoning


Make lemonade and energize yourself once again. Because food poisoning had already cause lose to your immune and digestive system. You can even lick lemon by adding salt over it.


Honey is really good for digestion. It can also control mouth soreness and nausea caused by poisoning. You can make a hot drink with lemon and honey as well and take it as green tea.

Fenugreek seeds and yogurt

Soak these seeds for like a half hour in yogurt and then eat it. It will immediately give you stomach relief from gas trouble and indigestion.

Eating healthy is not just an option, it is necessary if you really want to lead a healthy and long life. Keep your hands down on all the junk and spicy food because it can slowly affect your immune system but it can leave permanent ailment for you. You can take facilities from most authentic platform MARHAM and book appointment with the best doctor in Lahore or any other big city of Pakistan.

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