How Long Can You Safely Keep Leftovers In The Refrigerator?

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The refrigerator is considered as one of the best technological innovation towards simplifying the life of families. It is quite helpful for the families to store food for later consumption or delayed feasts. But some people wait too long to use or throw away refrigerated food, which is definitely not good for your health. Food poisoning and foodborne pathogens are real risks that are associated with stored food. That’s why it is important to know how long it is safe to keep leftovers In The Refrigerator.

How Long Is Too Long To Keep Food?

You can keep the food in your fridge for almost 3 to 4 days. After, that the risk of food poisoning increases, so be sure you eat them in time. For instance, you’ll not be able to eat leftovers within four days, freeze them immediately. Even after storing food in the refrigerator bacteria does stay in the food and works towards spoiling it. The refrigerator only slows down the process of spoliation but it cannot stop it completely. You can consult with the best nutritionist in case food hazards.

Discard Your Food In Doubtful Conditions:

Food poisoning or food borne illnesses are caused by harmful germs such as bacteria present in unhygienic food. When bacteria start acting on food it may not change the look or taste of the food but the process of food poisoning gets started. You can’t always tell whether a food is dangerous to eat, you may not be able to smell the difference either. So, if you face any doubtful conditions, always consider the healthier option. If your leftovers make you think about its safety, its best to throw it out. Do not think twice before discarding doubtful food because nothing is important than your wellbeing.

Each Food Type Has Its Own Safety Figure:

Not all foods survive for the same duration, in the same place, and at the same temperature. It depends on their food type, for example, uncooked meat and chicken can never stay in the refrigerator for the same duration as the cooked ones. The cooked ones can stay up to 3 to four days whereas uncooked ones only have a life of one to two days. Milk is also safe from curdling in the refrigerator, fruits and vegetables remain fresh and the chilling temperature of refrigerator gives cool juices. You can consult with the best nutritionist in case diet issues.

The refrigerator has no doubt made our lives simple and easy but still the aim should be to have freshly cooked food items. After all, bacteria never leave the leftovers; it is just that it becomes slow in the refrigerator.

Few Most Popular Nutritionist:

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