“Miscarriage” Does It Sounds Horrible? 3 Reasons Why

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“Miscarriage” This word seems to be horrible for every woman. No matter how strong you are. Being a woman this word can break you in pieces. Happy are those moments when you finally came to know that you are going to be a mommy. Exciting are those moments when you can’t wait for you better half to come back home and you can tell him that it’s time for a perfect family.

Even the whole family got excited and start feeling the presence of that invisible angle. During this cute yet happiest moments, some news can really break your heart. Getting over the fact that you were all trying to make it happen but you actually lose it, is the worst kind of feeling.

Miscarriages are not easy to survive. It is not easy to forget such a big loss. Do you really know what makes your lap empty all of a sudden? Reasons are here.

High Sugar Level:

The most common reason it is. Trust me! 7 out of 10 women are actually suffering from miscarriage just because of a high blood sugar level in their body. In such excitement, ladies forget to keep control of their healthy food intake. This causes high sugar level and ultimately can lead to serious damage.

Thyroid Issues:

Thyroid issue, either it can be excessive or low, both can be dangerous. This issue can affect the ovulation and thus miscarriage happens. There can be many reasons for a thyroid issue and even thyroid issue can affect many other parts of the body. You can take an appointment with the best gynecologist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan from Marham.pk to solve your health issues.

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Poor Nutrition:

It is the dilemma of our generation that we only survive on burgers, pizzas, and cokes. Even in pregnancy, women tend to eat more carbs and ruin their health. It is hard to resist these craving but ladies! It is better to stop now rather than regret later. 

Overstress during this time cannot prepare you to try again. The miscarriage was actually the motivation for you to keep your life in track and try again. You can be an inspiration rather than the victim.

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