Positivity can Influence your Health and Happiness

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We all know life is at its best when you are healthy and happy. Many of us indulge in healthy behaviors like diet and exercise to maintain health. But let me tell you there are more significant things to health and happiness than diet and exercise.
Many research studies suggest that our health and happiness is influenced by the company we keep. People you meet at work, connect with on social media, chat randomly while on the commute and that neighbor you dread facing every time you head outside of your home all affect your health and attitude towards life. A recent study found a strong influence of social networks on certain health behaviors like obesity, anxiety and general happiness. If you feel anxious and depressed without any apparent reason get an appointment with the best psychologist in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

Does Company Really Influences Health?

Reading the above lines you may wonder if its true when it comes to practical life. While you can see many examples of this around yourself one is of Okinawa, Japan. In Okinawa, life expectancy is highest in the world that is 90 years. There it’s a tradition to form a social network called “moai”. Children are put in to “moai” in their childhood. Moai is essentially a gang of five people who stand by and support each other throughout life. These five people stay available for each other and extend social, emotional, logistic and financial support to each other.
Besides being a powerful social network moai also influences health behaviors in people. Lifelong habits of exercise and healthy eating were found to be similar in people who stayed together in a moai. to get your general health checked and keep it on track do visit your general physician from time to time. You can find and consult the best general physician in Lahore and Karachi via Marham.pk.

How to Foster Positivity :

If you are wondering why this happens answer is in a single word “POSITIVITY”. Positive people and good vibes influence their surrounding and company. Now you want to head out and find a group of positive people? Even better is to work on your own self and become a positive influence on others. Here are some activities that can help foster positive emotions.
  • The easiest way of feeling good is to help others. It could be as simple as helping someone carry their heavy packages.
  • Appreciate your world and things that make it. A bird, a piece of decoration and the calm of sunrise all deserve a smile.
  • Develop meaningful relationships. Furnish yourself with a group of sincere people who you can rely on.
  • Set goals that are realistic. Stress from things you cannot achieve can affect your health and happiness.
  • Keep learning as it gives you a sense of achievement and resilience. It could be a game, language, a new word or just a new paper folding technique.
Accept your flaws and practice resilience and mindfulness. Do not kill yourself in the quest of controlling things you cannot. Focus on pleasures you have and be grateful.

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