This Is How You Can Keep Kids Away From COVID-19 Chaos

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The current situation is not less than a nightmare for kids. They feel like something has come straight out of a movie into their lives.  Every kid has their own response towards COVID-19 chaos. Some cry their hearts out, some have gone too quite and lost appetite and some are falling prey to anxiety. Here are some easy ways you can help them divert their attention in the best way.

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Indulge Them In Creative Activities

Try to spend time with your kids engaging them in creative activities such as craft and painting. Get them a nice set of paints or other crafting material and get them started by doing it yourself first. Once the kids are encouraged to do these, there will be a plenty of time they will spend on it and away from the COVID-19 chaos.

Encourage Them To Play Strategy Games

Be it puzzles or riddles, kids love solving them. Buy a good puzzle book or install an app having strategy ideas for kids and get started. Do not encourage kids to use mobile phones as it won’t leave them interested in the puzzles. Spend a good half an hour with your kids, playing brain games as this is the best time you can provide them with.

Engage Them In Physical Exercises

Who doesn’t love skipping? Invest in a skipping rope to encourage your kids towards fitness routine. Skipping ropes, Hoola hoops, badminton rackets and other sports stuff are easily available in the markets. Get your hands on them and get your kids busy. Physical activities are the best way you can divert your child’s attention from COVID-19 chaos.

Develop A Habit Of Book Reading With Them

Create a nice looking and attractive book corner for your kids with a table placed next to it. Buy them some books according to their interests and spend some time reading stories with them.

Teach Them Baking Or Other Basic Cooking Skills

Ask your kids to help you look for easy and creative baking recipes and provide them with the material to start with. Spend time with them guiding about baking and cooking as this skill is what will go a long way with them.

Buy Them Plants So They Learn To Take Care Of Them

Many of us try to teach children about how plants are a very important part of our lives but do they show any interest?. Buying children little indoor plants for them to take care is the best way to teach how to take care of them. Having their own plants and being responsible for its care teaches a lot about how to be gentle with the plants. Planting and gardening is a healthy activity which parents should encourage their children for.

A Word From Marham

Staying indoors like responsible citizens and keeping everyone safe is the best thing you can do. Use this time in the best way by learning new skills, spending time with family and yourself. We all wish for this to be over in no time but for this, we have to play our parts too. Do not leave home and in case of any health issue or emergency, you can book an online consultation with the doctors. Call us at 03111222398 or log on to to look up for the best specialists in town.

Stay Healthy and Happy!

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