4 White Poisons in Your Diet

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Would you like to spend your hard earned money to buy diseases? I am afraid you already have bought poisons for yourself and you consume these on daily basis. Living in the modern world does give us unnumerable conveniences but at a hefty price. Our foods also have been modernized with more emphasis on how these should look. Refining foods for commercial purposes is normalized. And we don’t give a second thought while eating these foods which have zero nutritional value.
Let’s take a look at our pantries and find out which food items are draining our health silently.

Pasteurized Milk:

The only benefit of this milk is it can sit in your fridge for longer. It is a lifeless liquid that is likely to have negative effects on your health.
poison food
Pasteurization slashes enzymes and vitamins from milk. It takes away vitamin A, B12 and C from milk. This process also eliminates good bacteria Lactobacillus from milk. Studies show that 20% of Iodine is also removed from milk. Thus increasing the chances of constipation when you consume this. Topped up with a dose of hormones and antibiotics is this really what you wanted for your family?

White Sugar:

Crystals of white sugar present in every household are a threat to your health. Their nutritional value is zero and all you are ending up with is calories. Although obtained from natural source treatments with lime and sulphuric acid kills all the goodness of this product. All the enzymes and vitamins are denatured till that final look is achieved.

White Rice:

The process of making rice shiny and white costs removal of its outer layer and germ. This is what contained fiber and nutrients that are essential for your digestive health. The only thing you are presented with is endosperm. This is high in starch and leads to a surge in your sugar levels upon consumption. People with diabetes and those on the risk of diabetes should stay away from this white poison. Even healthy persons should also be careful about consuming these.

Refined Salt:

Natural salt contains Iodine which is good for your health. The process of refining removes iodine from salt. An excess of fluorides is also present in refined salt. When consumed these can be harmful to health. Use of this salt can also lead to hypertension.
Question is why do we need polished and shiny foods? Why cannot we prefer natural ones? If we start avoiding these foods we can change how these are presented to us. Your grocery shopping is more than a trip to that fancy neighborhood store. THINK BEFORE YOU SHOP!

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