5 Causes of Anemia and its Symptoms

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Anemia is a condition where you don’t have enough good red blood cells which are crucial for the oxygen supply to the body tissues. You feel fatigue and tired all the time.  Go to your doctor if you feel lethargic and weakness because it’s a warning sign for you to undergo a proper check-up. Find a family physician in Islamabad, Karachi or any other main city via Marham.

Causes of Anemia:

There are many causes of anemia; it can be long term or short term depending on its severity.

  1. Cancer
  2. Frequent use of painkillers
  3. Heavy menstrual bleeding
  4. Poor nutritional status
  5. Iron deficiency

Signs and symptoms

  1. You may feel fatigued.
  2. Your heart beats become irregular.
  3. You feel dizziness a lot.
  4. Your skin color changes mostly pale or yellowish.
  5. You feel frequent pains in chest.
  6. It’s difficult for you to climb stairs and shortness of breath is also a common symptom.
  7. You feel weak and cold feet and hands.
  8. Frequent headaches.

In the beginning, you feel low and symptoms could be mild that you don’t notice them but with time and ignorance they can become severe and your condition may worsen.

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When to Visit a Doctor

If you feel unexplained weakness than make an appointment with your doctor he will determine the level of deficiency in you he may write you some tests to know about the level of iron, vitamins or calcium in you.

When your hemoglobin gets low it is the indication of you becoming anemic add such foods in your diet which are high in iron, low hemoglobin is the sign of decreasing health. If you will in severe need your doctor may recommend you iron injections also. Red blood cells are important for hemoglobin level and for that your body needs enough of iron and folate. For pregnant ladies its common problem that’s why they are prescribed to take iron supplements.

Try to take rich and nutritious diet to avoid being anemic. Your doctor will prescribe you treatment, he will recommend you supplements for a period of time or you can change your diet to avoid being anemic, eating healthily is very important in this regard.

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