5 Gentle Yet Splendid Exercises for Arthritis Patients

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Arthritis can make your joints stiff and exercising with painful joints might seems overwhelming to you but it’s important to keep you active and your muscles can’t be denied. A healthy exercise strengthens our muscles, provide us flexibility and above all it reduces pain in joints.

Marham is here to put forward five extremely safe and useful Exercises for Arthritis patients. We recommend you to take an opinion of your orthopedic surgeon before starting these exercises.


Yoga is one of the really effective Exercises for Arthritis Patients. It can be done even if your joints are sensitive to touch or tender. Stretching during yoga can help a person to increase his/her mobility and movements, whereas relaxation techniques can enhance the functioning of the Immune system greatly. It’s always better to consult with your doctor before practicing it and avoid Power Yoga because it can exert pressure on joints.


Stretching is the easiest yet very effective exercise to keep your muscles moving. You can gently stretch your arms and legs while sitting on a chair, lying on a bed or even while standing. You can also try Stretch out Strap technique where you pull elastic from your hands and feet to increase your flexibility.

Hand Stretch

Hand stretch works best with people who have pain in fingers and hands. Stretch out your fingers as much as you possibly can, now squeeze and stretch for few seconds. Another way of doing hand stretch is under water, fill a bowl with water and dip your hand in it and follow the stretch and squeeze pattern. It will help you increase your grip.


Walking can become a task for a person who has joint pain but it is one of the best exercises that you can do to strengthen your bones. Don’t go for a brisk walk; rather stroll in a park for few minutes every day to keep your muscles moving and joints relaxed.


Cycling works best for people with ankle or foot problem. It has great cardiovascular benefits. Either go out for cycling or workout on the stationary bike is one of the best aerobic activities. Try cycling for at least 10 minutes.

All of the above exercises are good for patients with Arthritis but it is always better to consult your doctor before doing any of them.

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