5 Tips Of Taking Accurate Pregnancy Test At Home

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Your periods are missed and you are a bit worried. Take a deep breath and read it out because it’s for you. A proper guidance and instruction for a pregnancy test and use of strips. Although it is simple and easy if it’s your first time you can have some mixed feelings. Excited, confused and scared. It is all normal.

It’s time to take the test. This test needs some care and attention. Regularly women visit gynecologist just to find out to how to use pregnancy strips or to get accurate results. This simple procedure you can do it at home by following just simple steps.

When is the time?

Analyze the fact that when is the time to take the test. No one will come to guide you about that. Sometimes hormonal changes can also cause a delay in periods. If this delay is prolonged then it’s time to take a test.
Read the instructions carefully.
These instruction are very simple and clear. By reading them carefully you can come up with a clear result whether it is yes or no. In Pakistan, these strips are available with Urdu instructions as well. Follow them and you will be clear with all the results.


These tests are accurate more often. Trust the instructions and results. Taking the test in the morning won’t let you with any ambiguity but even results in the evening can be accurate too.

The night before a test.

As it is recommended to take the take with the first urine of morning so do not over drink water a night before the test. In the morning you will rush to the washroom and the test cannot be done properly. This test needs a bit care and patience as well.

Positive results.

Congratulations! So you are a mommy to be now. Take consultation with a gynecologist and get the overall checkup. Before making any announcement give yourself a little time. Absorb the good news and start healthy routine for you and the little one.

Negative results.

If the result is negative do not get panic and take a test again. Other than this, again consult with your doctor and find out the reason that if it is not positive then what the reason for the delay of periods are.
If today is not your day then tomorrow can be. Just keep the hopes high.

Few Most Popular Gynecologists in Pakistan:

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