5 Tips to Stay Energetic All Day Long

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Staying energetic and alert throughout the day seems impossible to many people. Lack of energy, feeling sleepy and drained is a common complaint nowadays. Many disease conditions and some nutritional deficiencies can also lead to staying less alert and low energy levels. To sort out the disease cause of these problems you should visit your general physician. If you want to know about some helpful tips and tricks to stay alert Marham is here to help you.

You can use the below-mentioned tips to fight the energy slumps and get most of your day.

Eat Healthily:

Staying on track in regard to your nutritional intake is important to stay energetic. Starting with a healthy breakfast and feeding on organic food will help you stay energetic. Use fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods. Avoid sugary and salted snacks. These can increase the chances of diabetes and high blood pressure. You can also consult a good nutritionist for a proper diet plan in this regard.


Get Moving:

Sitting is equivalent to smoking. If your work needs you to be seated for hours you have to get up and move around very often. To avoid sitting from killing you maintain a schedule and remind yourself to stay mobile. Simple repetition of sitting and standing can also be helpful. Use staircase as an exercise in lunch breaks and otherwise as well.

Avoid Headaches:

If you have to stare at a computer screen all day long you are more prone to headaches. A headache can make you feel down and less energetic as well. Use appropriate glasses, screen shields and a good posture to avoid excessive eye strain and headaches.

Cultivate Self-Soothing Rituals:

Incorporate rituals into the daily activities that soothe you. You do not need to leave your desk or go out of the way to do these. This can be as simple as having a small plant by your desk, a cup of green tea or a fun chat with a pal. Indulging into these small breaks really improves your mental and physical health. It also keeps you alert and you face lesser energy slumps.

Improve your Sleep:

Sleeplessness or lack of sleep is a major reason behind feeling drained and lazy during a day. Make sure you get enough sleep of 6-8 hours daily. If you skip some sleep hours make up for those by sleeping a few extra hours at a weekend. If you face difficulty in falling asleep due to mental health issues you should consult a psychiatrist.


Following these tips, you can stay active and energetic all day long. This means getting most out of your day and being more progressive. If you know anyone who needs this dose of energy feel free to press the share button. Stay tuned to Marham blog your home for helpful information, tips and the latest updates on health-related matters.

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