6 Lesser Known Causes Of Muscle Twitching

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Mostly you command your muscles about movements but sometimes they do their own thing. They might pulse or contract and can’t relax. Twitches and spasms are mostly happening in the thighs, calves, hands, arms, belly, ribcage, and the arches of your foot. They can involve part of a muscle, all of it, or a group of muscles. Many of us are not sure why they do so, but a few common triggers can set them off. Some of them are listed here.

Low in Electrolytes:

Muscles movement and proper functioning are greatly dependent on minerals, like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. If you’re running low on them, your mussels abhor it and may send you a message with cramps and spasms. Malnutrition, exercise, heavy sweating, certain medications some medical condition like diarrhea or vomiting may be the cause of low electrolytes in the body.
dehydration can cause muscle spasm

Not Enough Water:

Like all other body parts muscles also need proper hydration to work accurately. If you don’t get enough to drink, your muscles will be more likely to twitch and spasm due to less hydration and electrolyte imbalance.


You mostly blame stress for headaches or insomnia, but it can also cause tension and pain in your muscles. Try a relaxation technique, like massage or physiotherapy exercise, to work them out. But best is to reduce your stress level. To manage stress and depression consult the best psychologist in Islamabad, Lahore and all other main cities of Pakistan and eradicate stress.

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Too Much Caffeine:

Caffeine is no doubt a good thing to get you going in the morning and pull you out of the afternoon slump. But too much is a strife for muscles as high caffeine level in the body can trigger muscle twitches in almost all body parts.

sleeplessness can cause twitching

Lack of Sleep and Exhaustion:

Muscles need enough time to get relax after a whole day work out to get ready for next day and when you do not give them enough time for a recharge, twitches, and spasms can be one way to tell their resentment.

Your muscles might also feel achy and sore or just generally weak. To manage the severe pain you can find and consult with the best pain management specialist in Lahore, Karachi and all other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

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Damaged nerve cells change the way they communicate with each other and with the brain. Twitches and spasms can be warning signs of nerves that control your muscles are damaged. This may happen due an injury, infection, disease like diabetes, alcoholism, or certain medications.

Have you ever experienced mini ninjas in your leg or arm? Now you know their reasons. Try to solve these issues muscle cramps will go automatically.

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