6 Money Independent Ways of Generosity in New Year

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A new year is here. Almost everyone has made remarkable plans not for the first evening but the whole year. If you did not include generosity in plans due to empty pockets then after reading following words you have to make little amendment to add these without money generous acts in new year resolutions.

Write a Kind Letter to Deprived One:

At new year evening and even after that you can write a soothing words letter to some deprived person. He may be the resident of some old house, may be a widow or just a friend who is under some turmoil now a days. This little time consuming deed of you, may add some beautiful moments in the life of that person.

Listen the Worries of Upset:

Many people around you may be the victim of some worse events. If you do not have finance in your pocket it does not mean you cannot help them. Be a shoulder to them where they can shed their tears or be an ear to listen to their worries to decrease their depression. Even you can book an online consultation appointment by the best psychiatrist in Lahore or any other city of Pakistan via Marham, to help depressed people.

Say Polite Words:

Nothing is more working balm then polite and soothing words for a broken heart. By just using the softness of tongue you can be the most generous person on this planet.

Visit Nursing Home or Orphan House:

Nursing home needs someone who can care the inured without any demand and orphan houses are waiting for beloved visitors. You can be any of them without losing any penny from your pocket.

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Used Things Still can Serve:

Your used clothes, shoes, handbags, household things may be not much needed for you but they can serve someone who has not have even the one. Your less needed things may fulfill others needs and also be a source of happiness for them.

Say Thank you to Workers:

Your housemaid, the garbage carrying person and many other workers like them are worked and get paid indeed. But your gratitude in a good and sincere way can appreciate them. And there is nothing more generous than making someone happy.

  • These little efforts of you can work wonder to make this world a heaven in coming years.
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Tayyaba Waris
She is a student of Ph.D. molecular biology at Comsats University, Islamabad. She is working on the causes and treatment of male infertility. She has also worked on liver disease and its herbal treatments and has recently got her paper published in the National journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals. At Marham, she writes about hot medical issues and general health problems.