6 Signs and Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder That You Need To Know

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Majority of people around the world experience anxiety at some point in their lives. In fact, anxiety is a very normal response to stressful life events like relocating, changing jobs or having financial upsets. However, when you no more have a hold over your anxiety symptoms and they begin to interfere with your life, they could be signs of an anxiety disorder.
Anxiety disorders can be very upsetting, but they can be managed with proper help from a medical professional. The first thing is to recognise the symptoms first.

1. A Lot Of Worrying

There are various identifiable symptoms of anxiety and one of the most common ones of them is excessive worrying.
This symptom is associated with anxiety disorders and it typically occurs in response to normal, everyday situations.

2. Restlessness

Along with excessive worrying, restlessness is another common symptom of anxiety, especially in children and teens.
When a person experiences restlessness, they often describe it as feeling not having enough energy even if they have slept.

3. Difficulty In Concentrating On Daily Routine

The people who suffer from anxiety disorder mostly report having difficulty in concentrating. Various studies prove that anxiety can interrupt our working memory, a type of memory responsible for holding short-term information. This can be the main cause of the significant decrease in performance that people might experience during episodes of high anxiety

4. Having Trouble Falling/Staying Asleep

Sleep disturbances are another factor that is related strongly to anxiety disorders. A person with anxiety usually never falls deep in sleep or either keeps waking up in the middle of the night. On the other hand, they also find it difficult to fall asleep. These are the two most commonly reported problems. Sleep problems are very common in people with anxiety. Getting proper treatment for anxiety disorder can usually help improve sleep quality as well.

5. Avoiding Social Situations

Anxiety disorder brings other symptoms as well. Which includes, a social anxiety disorder.

The symptoms of social anxiety disorder are:

  • Feeling anxious or fearful about social situations
  • Worried to be judged by people.
  • Fearful of being embarrassed or in front of others
  • Avoiding certain social events because of these fears

People with social anxiety are usually shy and quiet in larger unknown groups or when meeting new people. While they may not appear distressed on the outside, inside they feel extreme fear and anxiety.

6. Irrational Fears

Having anxiety means having other fears too.
Fears of specific things such as:

  • Spiders
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Heights

A phobia is defined as extreme anxiety or fear about a specific object or situation. The feeling is severe enough that it interferes with your ability to function normally in your daily life.

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