5 Advantages and Disadvantage of Bariatric Surgery

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Bariatric Surgery also is known as weight loss surgery is a surgery that is designed for obese people that are not able to physical exercise or have some sort of disease that does not allow them to lose weight normally.

People who have high/low blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension can have bariatric surgery so that they can lose weight with minimum risks and control their disease. Women that have had problems with their pregnancies or conceptions can also benefit from this surgery.

Bariatric surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of your stomach 70% – 80 % making it look almost tube like. Due to this, patients have less appetite and hunger and lose weight more quickly.
Patients that have taken the surgery still have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Advantages of Bariatric surgery:

  • Bariatric surgery helps your health
  • It saves you from the risks of obesity like cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.
  • The weight you lose can open other opportunities that you couldn’t do before
  • Gain more confidence and self-esteem
  • Have a more positive attitude

Disadvantages of Bariatric surgery:

Short term risks

  1. Excessive bleeding
  2. Blood clots

Long term risks

  1. Bowel Obstruction
  2. Hernia’s
  3. Gallstones

How Bariatric surgery works:

The surgery works by changing the way your digestive system works. Mainly on the stomach. They change your gastrointestinal anatomy which reduces your hunger and appetite because of your intestinal hormones.

After Effects of the surgery

Following the surgery, there will be changes to your diet, behavior, and exercise. First, you will notice hormonal changes. Food or snacks that you could eat before, even after having a meal will now not entice you in the least since your appetite and your hunger has decreased after the surgery. This will slowly increase your weight loss by maintaining or enhancing energy expenditure (calories burned).

Patients that have taken the surgery still have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
90% of Bariatric patients that had severe obesity can maintain their weight loss long term. Obesity is usually underestimated but it is a top causer for many of the diseases you see today like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancer and many more.
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