5 Best Nutritionists in Lahore

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Due to overweight, underweight, malnutrition, hair fall, bones ailment and what not, we always need a perfect diet. The perfect diet plan can only be possible when it is suggested through the best nutrition. We must be very careful to select a nutritionist for ourselves. Because if our body cannot fulfill the perfect amount of nutrition then we cannot cope up with other hurdles.

There is some best nutritionist in Lahore that can help you in many problems that are you facing in daily routine. Now finding a good doctor without wasting a minute is not just a myth. Here is some best nutritionist that can serve you with the best services. You can also book the best Nutritionists in Pakistan via Marham.pk.

1. Dr. Sabahat Zubair

Dr. Sabahat Zubair is a highly qualified dietician and nutritionist. Currently, she is serving as a nutritionist in Iqra Medical Complex Lahore. She is specialized in Weight loss, Weight gain, Nutrition in hypertension, Diabetic diet, Nutrition for cancer disease and Nutritionist for Heart Disease. She did BSC and MSC in food and nutrition from Agriculture University Faisalabad.

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2. Nimra Mahmood

Nimra Mahmood is a highly qualified nutritionist. She is practicing in Surgimed Hospital and Weight loss Clinic in Lahore. Her specialties include Cholesterol Management Diet, Prenatal Diet, and Nutritionist for Food Supplement Usage, Antenatal Diet, and Nutritionist for Diabetes and Asthma and Allergies. She did her PGD and BSC in food and nutrition from Allama Iqbal Open University Lahore and Government College of Home Economics, Lahore respectively. You can also book the best Nutritionist in Lahore via Marham.pk.

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3. Yumna Chattha

Yumna Chattha is a highly qualified nutritionist and currently practicing in Bahria Orchards Hospital. Her basic focus is on revamping of life through a healthy lifestyle. Her specialties include weight loss expert, functional medicine. A diabetic diet, weight gain, Nutritionist for Food Supplement Usage and Prenatal diet.

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4. Sana Qamar

Sana Qamar is a highly qualified nutritionist and dietician. Currently, she is working at Masood Hospital. She is specialized in Diabetes, Hypertension, weight loss, PCOs, sports nutrition, allergies, and diet after Bariatric Surgery. You can also book the best Nutritionist in Islamabad via Marham.pk.

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5. Dr. Irfan Suleheria

Dr. Irfan Suleheria is highly qualified and well-experienced. Currently, she is working as a nutritionist in Farooq Hospital Lahore. He is specialized in diet counseling, drug-food interaction, functional medicine, Weight loss expert and weight gain.

best nutritionists

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