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Benefits of dates

5 Shocking Health Benefits Of Eating Dates


Don’t Go On Their Size. Dates Are Actually One Of The Few Nutrition Jackpots You‘ll Know. Dates have been a staple food in Islamic history. Why? Because these small fruits are full-fledged health boosters! They give relief from heart problems, intestinal disorders, constipation, anemia, and many other...

Shopping for mental health

How shopping is directly related to mental health?


There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love shopping. Bold and classy heels or funky and soft clothes can get attention in very first look. With the passage of time, life is becoming more hassled and busy. This is the reason that human being is becoming more practical...

malnutrition in Pakistan

Why Is Pakistan Still Suffering From Malnutrition?


Malnutrition isn’t just kept to kids. But at the same time, it is widespread among ladies of reproductive age suffering anemia, and among the poor community that is food insecure. Pakistan is one of the countries that are rich in cuisine and agriculture. Pakistani food is rich...

strong immune system

How to get strong immune system?


Just like heart and brain our immune system also plays a remarkable roll in our body. Its primary job is to defend the body against diseases and bacteria. So the question here is if the immune system is not strong or not working it may impossible the...

happiest Eid

Spend this Eid in a little more happiest way


Getting up for Eid prayer, Eating “Meetha” after Eid prayer and meeting relative is a mainstream practice on the day of Eid. Excitements and preparations for eid mostly get started from the first day of Eid. Someone is worry about dress or other is worry about the...

6 Disadvantages Of Artificial Sweeteners


We cannot make food tempting just because of a good taste. Good color, food appearance, and texture are all that matters and artificial sweeteners have the benefit of providing all these together. Since artificial sweeteners were presented as an alternative to natural sugar; this can reduce the...

Healthy Eid

Celebrate this Eid in a new and healthy style.


Eid brings joy and cherishes every year. We as a Muslim wait to Celebrate Eid almost the whole year. The hunger and patience during Ramadan practice by Muslims all over the world increase excitement even more. During Ramadan, our stomach experiences several unusual activities. This results in...