High Sugar Diet and Its Potential Hazards

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We consume high sugar levels every day as part of our main course, dessert and in snacks. There can’t be a cup of tea without a teaspoon of sweetness or how could you refuse the tempting piece of chocolate cake every once in a while.

And you know what tops all of that? Deep fried and glowing orange jalebi in a glass of milk for days which rain endlessly. We Pakistanis know every sweet object that should be served for each possible occasion. But in this rundown of high sugar drives, we tend to ignore the burden our body gets to bear and the doctors get a kick out of it (only natural!).

Sugar may grant you the sweetness in your mouth for a count of 15 minutes, but it is also toxic to your cells for the same amount of time. And toxins are popular in making us dysfunctional and unhealthy. Before you put that final teaspoon of sugar in your cup of tea, here are quick things you might want to note of why consuming excessive sugar is bad for you. You can consult with the best endocrinologist in Lahore for diabetes issues due to excessive usage of sugar.

High Sugar Diet and Its Potential Hazards


Liver Damage:

All the sugar reserves are stored and managed by the liver. Naturally, all the sugar you consume gets transported to it. Increasing the dose of sugar can realty overload the amount of work it has to do to either convert it into the storage-friendly form or break it down to more useful forms.

Therefore foods rich in fructose are a direct harm to your liver.

Weight Gain:

High sugar consumption can upset the body’s appetite system. Fructose or sugar prevents the production of insulin which in turn also fails to suppress the hunger hormone in our body, ghrelin. The hunger hormone fails to suppress the satiety hormone, leptin and therefore it results in you eating more and more and developing eventual insulin resistance.

Dysfunctional Metabolism:

High levels of sugar can lead to a variety of metabolic shutdowns in the body detrimental for your health. Besides causing weight gain, it also leads to abdominal obesity, decreased the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), increased level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), increased blood sugar, fatty acids and blood pressure. Therefore, besides having increased abdominal fat levels in your blood, you are potentially putting your body at risk to other metabolic diseases.

Dysfunctional Heart and Kidney:

High levels of sugar get metabolized to greater uric acid which is a medical threat to the heart and kidneys. Therefore, a regular check-up for fructose levels in your blood can directly relate to the potential threat of developing greater diseases of the heart or blood.

Therefore, knowing the potential threat that you are putting yourself because of using more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, you should now focus more on developing sugar-free lifestyle habits!

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Norin Chaudhry

The writer is a PhD in the Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, at Iowa State University in the lab of Gustavo C. MacIntosh.

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