Author: Norin Chaudhry

Are You Dieting or Slowly Poisoning Yourself?


Meet Wazzah. Our IT guy. With the huge mass of his brain, and the complex networks it makes all day (about how to ditch work and crawl back in his bed, obviously just kidding!), his body is borderline malnourished and possibly underdeveloped.Or may be did some dieting...

white spots on nails

What the White Spots on your Nails ACTUALLY Mean!


The fact that white spots on nails means calcium deficiency is a MYTH. World’s another oldest conspiracy. Which, by the way, I spent the better half of my life, blindly, believing. Much like most of us. What causes the white spots on your nails? Contrary to the...


5 Acne Solutions You Didn’t Know Were So Easy

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The red spots on skin can smash your self-esteem. You don’t then simply suffer from acne, its depression that strikes you every time you have a party to go to. The pretty dress and make-up cannot hide the blemishes oozing out from the pockets of your skin....

Lost Voice of Liberty

Your Lost Voice of Liberty!


In Pakistan, health is a luxury, not a right. It is only affordable to a chosen few. If you have a rash or a mole, then you better keep it hidden until it sucks the life right out of you or you can say good-bye to your...

Flat belly only 5 steps away

5 Quick Steps Towards Flat Belly!

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We all are fed up of having to hide our saggy belly while munching on beef burgers. But for all of us who are done with pear-shaped bodies, here are easy exercises for a flat belly! Step 1: Lie flat on your stomach and balance on your...

diet habits That Make You Fatter

4 Diet Habits That Are Making you Fatter!

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With shadi season right around the corner, you must be wondering if you could hide the bulges from the side of the stomach. Diet must be the easy alternative. But while focused on trimming down the bellies, you end up adopting habits that will take you on...

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Pneumonia Symptoms, Causes, Treatments & More


Over 92,000 children die of Pneumonia each year in Pakistan. Watch this simple video session conducted with Dr. Saqib Saeed, Consultant Pulmonologist and Chairman Pulmonology, Pakistan to save your children and loved ones. Subscribe to our YouTube video channel here.