Author: Norin Chaudhry

Lost Voice of Liberty

Your Lost Voice of Liberty!


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In Pakistan, health is a luxury, not a right. It is only affordable to a chosen few. If you have a rash or a mole, then you better keep it hidden until it sucks the...

Flat belly only 5 steps away

5 Quick Steps Towards Flat Belly!

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We all are fed up of having to hide our saggy belly while munching on beef burgers. But for all of us who are done with pear-shaped bodies, here are easy exercises for a flat...

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Pneumonia Symptoms, Causes, Treatments & More


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Over 92,000 children die of Pneumonia each year in Pakistan. Watch this simple video session conducted with Dr. Saqib Saeed, Consultant Pulmonologist and Chairman Pulmonology, Pakistan to save your children and loved ones. Subscribe to our...