How Can I Reduce My Cholesterol Levels?

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Are you facing high cholesterol problems? Or do you have a family history of heart disease associated with a bad lipid profile? And you want to reduce your cholesterol level? Then you should give your 3 minutes to read this article!

Hyperlipidemia means you have a high amount of fats in your blood. Those fats include cholesterol and triglycerides. Hypercholesterolemia is a condition in which your blood has a high amount of bad cholesterol i-e LDL and this leads to blockage in your arteries by the deposition of these fats.

Doctors usually recommend controlling the cholesterol after the age of 30, when you have a family history of cardiac issues, high blood pressure, and diabetes. If you have any queries regarding these issues or you have symptoms like high blood pressure, you should consult your doctor. You can consult the best general physicians in Karachi and discuss the risk factors associated with high cholesterol levels.

But here are some important tips to control your cholesterol;

Consume Good fats

By good fats, I mean unsaturated fats. These fats have a double bond in their structure, and they are different from saturated fats that have harmful effects on our bodies. Monounsaturated fats are an example of good fats. They lower the amount of LDL in your blood according to research.

Foods that have a high level of these monounsaturated fats include

  • Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews
  • Olives and olive oil
  • Canola oil
  • Avocados

Similarly, polyunsaturated fats have multiple double bonds in their structure, and they behave differently in your body. Foods containing polyunsaturated fats are also helpful in reducing bad LDL and decrease the risk of diabetes type 2. These fats are present in high amounts in seafood like fish, seeds, and tree nuts.

Eat Soluble Fiber

Soluble fibers are the different compounds obtained from plants that are soluble in water and cant be digested by the human body. The bacteria in your gut (probiotics) require these soluble fibers to survive. These probiotics reduce the level of LDL and other harmful fats.

The best sources of these soluble fibers are beans, lentils, fruits, oats, whole grains, psyllium (ispaghol), and peas.

Reduce your weight

Cutting off some extra pounds helps in decreasing cholesterol levels. Do regular exercise. This helps in reducing bad LDL.

Reduce your stress

Staying calm and relaxed helps in controlling your cholesterol. Try to make yourself busy in productive activities or hobbies. So that you can control your bad cholesterol with your active body.

Use of home remedies

You can take ginger tea with cinnamon and clove in it. The majority of the spices like cinnamon, black peppers, cloves, curcumin, etc. can control your cholesterol at good levels. Coriander and garlic in raw form are also very helpful in controlling cholesterol.

Quit smoking

Smoking is always associated with heart diseases. Because smoking increases the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood and reduce the level of good cholesterol (HDL).

These are some of the major points that need to be addressed when you are planning to control your blood lipid profile.

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