How COVID-19 can Affect Diabetics?

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Diabetics and their family members must know the increased risk to health during COVID-19. WHO clearly states that people with chronic ailments and pregnant females with diabetes are amongst the high-risk groups for coronavirus disease.

This is why a visit to hospitals even for routine check-ups are delayed for pregnant women. Gynecologist online consultation is the options anyone can use to talk to their gynecologist.

A lack of information and understanding on this front may obfuscate you. To counter this we have gathered detailed information on this subject which is authentic and reliable. Se lets get down to the business.

What is COVID-19?

By now we know that coronaviruses, a family of viruses, responsible for this disease are not new ones. These have been affecting humans in the past as well in the form of SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. This particular strain that surfaced in 2019 is causing the novel coronavirus disease.

Is there an increased chance of getting novel coronavirus disease among diabetics?

Diabetes means elevated blood sugar levels. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes have been associated with an elevated incidence of contracting infections. And COVID-19 is no exception.

Also, studies from China tell us that people with diabetes had more complications. And death rates, as well, in them were higher when compared to the non-diabetic population.

Why Diabetics are at an increased risk of complications due to COVID-19?

High blood sugar levels in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is a cause of dysfunction of the immune response against COVID-19. This leads to an inability to counter and control pathogens which causes serious consequences.

Also, blood circulation in many diabetics is hampered. This implies that blood cannot circulate to and from certain parts and hence impaired healing. These facts may worry you a little more in this already stressful situation but be rest assured you can handle this. If you will take actions that are timely and as per requirements you can easily evade this infection.

Pregnancy and Diabetes

If you are pregnant and have diabetes you have higher chances of catching infections. Guidelines for you are the same as for all other diabetics for coronavirus prevention. If you want to consult your gynecologist for a routine check-up you can ask a gynecologist online using The use of telemedicine is advised internationally to limit the spread of COVID-19. In Pakistan, marham is providing these services for all specialties. You can easily consult a gynecologist online from the comfort of your home.
Online consultation is not for emergency situations.

Things Diabetics should do to Stay Safe from COVID-19?

Here are a few things you can do to minimize your chances of getting affected with COVID-19:

Stock Necessities

You should buy medicines for the upcoming few weeks in advance and store these appropriately. This will limit your exposure to the outside world. It is not suggested to stockpile. Just buy medicines for a few weeks ahead. Also, keep food and water available for the next few weeks. Have hard candies, insulin, sugar strips, and medicines available at all times.

Take Social Distancing Seriously

You are vulnerable to catch the infection so maintaining a safe distance from others and staying at home is critically important for you. Do not go out unnecessarily and if you must stay at a distance of 2 meters from others. Wash hands and change your clothes as you reach home. Consider leaving your shoes outside.

Use Telemedicine

You are dealing with a demanding ailment and you might need to see your doctor. Because of the corona pandemic visiting the hospital is discouraged. So you should consult a doctor online using telemedicine. Log on to and choose the option of online consultation.

In case of emergency

Keep emergency numbers and helplines on speed dial. Remember online consultation is not for emergency situations. In case of any serious symptoms, you must go to the hospital for immediate medical interventions. Make sure to wear masks, gloves, and practice stringent precautions against the prevailing infection.

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