How Can Dengue Virus Be Dangerous For Your Child?

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Dengue is a tropical viral disease caused by a virus that is carried by mosquitos. These mosquitoes are from the genus Aedes. The virus that causes this disease is called a dengue virus and has 4 serotypes. That means you can get dengue from 4 different types of this virus. It can affect children, adults, and elderly patients in the same ratio.

Usually, the virus causes a mild type of disease that includes symptoms like flu and fever. But when the disease causes more complications, it refers to severe dengue. The severe dengue is the leading cause of death in different countries of Asia. And most importantly dengue is also lethal in children.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for dengue. Only palliative therapy is given to minimize the symptoms of flu and fever. Early detection helps in reducing the chances of severe dengue or death. Recovery from dengue caused by specific serotypes produces immunity against that serotype of the virus.

Lots of fluid and rest are recommended in mild cases. Anti-fever medicine like paracetamol can be used to lower body temperature and relieve body aches.

But in severe cases, proper hospitalization and medical care like testing and monitoring are required.

Symptoms of dengue in Children:

The common symptoms of dengue are;

  • high fever, almost 105°F
  • pain in eye sockets, joints, muscles, and bones.
  • severe headache and backache.
  • a rash over most of the body.
  • mild bleeding from the nose or gums.
  • bruising easily and bleeding.

In severe dengue, the above-mentioned symptoms may worsen along with the following symptoms,

  • abdominal pain
  • vomiting
  • bleeding gums
  • blood in vomit
  • difficulty in breathing

in the case of children, these symptoms can be lethal. They need early medical care and should remain under observation.


For diagnosis, the doctor will examine your child and evaluate the symptoms. The doctor will get the blood samples for testing. And ask about the medical history and recent travels, so that chances of dengue can be figured out.

If you notice any dengue symptoms in your child, call a doctor right away. You should keep in mind your recent travels and the regions you have been with your child. So that you can evaluate the chances of dengue.


There is no vaccine of any serotype of the dengue virus. The only prevention is to stay away from mosquitoes and prevent mosquito bites.

  • Keep doors and windows shut or put screens or nets on open places.
  • Use mosquito repellents on kids’ body
  • Try to make them wear full sleeves shirts and trousers when going outside
  • Don’t allow your kids to stay outside for a long time especially at dawn or dusk time.
  • Try to discard water placed in open containers or any other pots. Don’t provide a place for breeding to breed.

Risks and complications:

Dengue is also known as hemorrhagic fever. It can also cause enlarged liver and in severe cases, it may lead to shock due to a sudden drop in blood pressure known as dengue shock syndrome. It can be fatal due to bleeding (low platelets in the blood) and dangerously low levels of blood pressure.

The children have not well-developed immune systems in the early years of their lives. It’s very important to rule out the cause of severe fever and headache of your child. Because early detection is always helpful in managing the disease especially when there is no treatment of that specific disease.

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