How to Lose Weight in Summer

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Summer is a tough time for a person dealing with weight issues. In winter, it was all right because the clothes helped to hide the disfigured body, but it is a tough task to choose proper clothing to make one feel good about themselves. So, summer is the least favored season of them all. But, in fact, it is the best time to lose some extra pounds, because the fat burns faster in hot weather.

By following these simple steps stated below, one can achieve a good shape and personality. But, if there is any medical history, then find a Nutritionists in your area.

1. Physical Exertion

Summers are the best time to workout because less exercise can give more results. Sometimes, on a very hot day it is hard to follow the exercise routine, but, it is fine. One can cut down the workout in 3 days, which is enough for the body. Also, doing 15-minute cardio before or after the workout helps to lose weight.

2. Detoxing

A healthy body comprises of two things, which are external and internal factors. External aesthetics are achievable in the gym, but internal health relies on detoxing. Detoxing is to flush out all the impurities from one’s body. Detoxing is a process, which takes time and the main aim is to clean the kidney, colon, liver and other organs for better health.

3. Metabolism

Increase the metabolism for losing calories extensively, by increasing proteins and fiber in the diet. Changing the diet will help in increasing the metabolism, and it will excel the ability of the body to take more calories. Fiber will help to give the sensation of a full stomach, which will prevent overeating.

4. Short Term Plans

It is critical in making short-term plans than making a strict goal hard-to-achieve goal. These short term plans depend on the nature of a person; it can be one month, one week, one day or a few hours. In this program, it focuses on the combined timetable of food, exercise, rest, and recovery. These plans are critical because they help the individual to lose weight and channelize their progress.

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5. Meal Routine

It is crucial to monitor the type and consumption of the diet to lose weight. Sometimes, it was difficult to keep track of everything, but a small change in the routine can make things better. The method for diet is simple and efficient, have a proper and healthy breakfast, then slightly less but high protein lunch, and less quantity of food in dinner. Do not eat dinner late or sleep right after eating; it is bad for health.

6. Try Soups

Soups works best in preventing hunger, it fills the stomach and helps in eating less. Soup can also work as a filler between meals if a person feels hungry. It is always an issue to choose the right food to fill the stomach and avoid getting fat. By having soup before a meal will help you decrease the intake of extra calories, which are always hard to burn and help in losing weight.

7. No to Sugar!

In summers, our body craves sugar and fat. It is one’s job to avoid them and eat a healthy diet. Refined sugar and high sugar drinks work as a fat producing agent in the human body. Sugar produces fructose, which gets stored as fat in the body. Instead, have 7 to 8 glasses of water a day to avoid thirst, which lead to high sugar drinks. For more inforamtion, you can book online appointment with the best Dietitian in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and all cities of Pakistan at Marham.

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