Fed Up With Your Stuck Weight? I Have A Solution

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It is not uncommon when people get fed up with their stuck weight. They have tried anything and everything to lose weight but the weighing scale readings are not ready to budge. If you are among such people. do not lose hope. We are here to provide solutions to all your health queries.

You can experience this situation from the very start and not lose weight at all, or in the middle of your weight loss journey, called a weight-loss plateau. Although losing weight can be really tough for many, it is not impossible. Only if losing weight was as easy as gaining it. Well, try saying this to a person struggling to gain weight for months. This shows that everybody is different. If your friend lost four kgs in a month, it doesn’t mean that you will too. That is how metabolism works.

There has to be a reason behind your stuck weight and more often than not the reason it hides in your routine. Simply cutting out fried food or taking one roti instead of two does not guarantee weight loss. Various factors like diet, mental health, physical activity, and sleep, marry together to bring effective weight loss.

If you have been stuck and failed to lose weight your best bet is to consult a nutritionist. It is important to keep in mind that the stuck weight could be the result of an underlying medical condition like Hypothyroidism.

Reasons For Your Stuck Weight

Here are a few reasons due to which your weight might be stuck.

1. You Are Not Examining What You Eat

People often misconstrue weight loss diets to be a simple healthy eating pattern. Well, a healthy eating diet is to maintain weight not to lose it. For efficient weight loss, you will need a proper calorie-restricted diet. Just cutting down on what you eat otherwise, is not very effective.

Look deeper into your plate and evaluate the total calories you are consuming. Keep your portion size, total calories, simple carbs, and fats in check. The easiest way to do this is to make a proper diet plan beforehand. Then you will have to prepare your meal in accordance with that.

2. You Are Skimping On Protein And Fiber

With the market inundated with all sorts of weight-loss diets, you will hardly see a diet that eliminates proteins. A weight-loss diet usually restricts fats or carbs, and rightfully so. Proteins can be your best friends in your weight loss journey. Filling up your plate with proteins will fill up your tummy and satisfy your taste buds.

Fibers are an essential form of carbohydrates. These not help in making you feel satiated but will regulate your bowel movement. Inefficient bowel movement results in constipation and constipation can be the main reason you are not losing weight. Eating fibers will also assist in eating fewer calories in total.

3. You Are Not Moving Smartly

Just like diet a single exercise does not work for everybody. The light walk you are wasting hours on isn’t helping at all. To lose weight you will need to do proper cardio exercise followed by proper weight lifting. Moreover, if you are looking to lose fat from a certain area, you will need to do are specific exercises like squats, situps, etc.

Simple cardio exercises like skipping, running, and jumping will help you the most.

4. You Are Eating Too Many Refined Sugars

Sugars do not mean the white sweet crystals, only. All sorts of simple carbohydrates are considered sugars too. The white tortilla and your favorite white bread are sugars too, and these are your biggest enemy. Sugars provide instant energy which does not allow the body to obtain energy from stored fat.

If you start counting now, you will be alarmed to know the number of sugars you consume every day. From our simple roti to our sweeter than mithai chai, everything is loaded with sugar.

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5. You Are Not Sleeping Enough

You will be surprised to know that you lose weight while you are sleeping. Apart from that sleep plays an essential role in regulating your metabolism. A regulated metabolism is what you lack if you cannot lose weight.

6. You Are Not Hydrated Enough

Water is vital for weight loss; it helps in burning calories rapidly. It is helpful to drink half a liter of water, half an hour before having lunch. Drinking water also gives the sensation of a full stomach, so the person does not eat much after this much amount of water intake.

7. You Are Stressing

Stress is terrible for a person’s health; it is one of the main causes of gaining weight. When a person is under stress, the body produces a stress hormone called cortisol, which increases the fat in the human body. This hormone is very dangerous for the human body because it is triggered by the emotional status of a person.

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