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“The doctors of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

If you are fed up with the extra pounds you have been carrying or are tired of trying to gain weight. If you have been living an unhealthy life for long or you are just looking for professional advice to sustain your healthy lifestyle. It is time for you to consult the best nutritionists in Islamabad.

Prevention is better than cure, is a saying old as time. Our ancestors have always advised us to be mindful of what we eat. Their advice was not so wrong, after all. Obesity, malnutrition, anemia, anorexia, and other nutritional problems being on a rise across the globe. This rise has highlighted the importance of good nutrition for all. 

We all have been digging our graves with our own fork and knife. Eating junk food and processed foods have given rise to health issues that were unknown before. If you feel anything wrong going in your body, the reason might lie in what you eat. 

Living in today’s time we all are well acquainted with all the steak hubs and burger spots. Ordering a slider with a side of cheese fries provides comfort like nothing else. But these sliders and steaks can wreak havoc in your body systems. Eating mindlessly can lead to obesity, weight loss, malnutrition, hormonal disturbances, and deteriorated general health.

We have gathered data regarding the best nutritionists in Islamabad. Now you can consult a nutritionist from the comfort of your home.

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Top 5 nutritionists in Islamabad

 1. Dr. Nosheen abbas

Dr. Nosheen Abbas is a seasoned Nutritionist and Dietitian. She has spent 13 years working as a Clinical Dietitian. She has an MBBS from Islamic International Medical College, MSPH (Masters of Science in Public Health) from Sarhad University, and a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition from the School of Natural Health Sciences, UK. Her international qualifications add more to her already remarkable credentials. 

Dr. Nosheen Abbas has an experience of 13 years in nutrition consultation. She currently works as a Consultant Dietitian in Islamabad. She also worked as a Consultant Clinical Nutritionist at Innovative; Lahore, Consultant Clinical Nutrition at PAF Hospital; Islamabad. You can also book an appointment for an online consultation, through Marham.

With a 100% patient satisfaction score and a 4.6/5 rating, she specializes in weight-gain, nutrition for diabetes, weight-loss, antenatal diet, and diet for diabetics. 

 2. Dr. Waseem Iqbal

Dr. Waseem Iqbal is a Consultant Nutritionist with an MBBS from Khyber Medical College. He owns a Masters in Public Health from Health Services Academy. Dr. Waseem Iqbal is also a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP), making him able to cure all your health issues. 

Dr. Waseem Iq0bal specializes in thyroid disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, allergies, and weight-related issues. With 20 years of experience and a 288% patient satisfaction score. He currently works as a consultant at Being Well, and also provides consultation through Marham. 

 3. Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan

Dr. Israr Khan is a Ph.D. doctor with 12 years of experience. He did his Ph.D. in Nutrition from the University of Karachi. Dr. Khan has worked In Biocare Labs as a Nutritionist. He is currently working in Health plus Clinic, Salfa Kaleem Hospital, and BeeWell Hospital as a Nutrition Consultant. 

Dr. Khan specializes in weight-gain, nutrition for diabetes, nutrition for diabetes management, weight-loss diet, and antenatal diet. He has a patient satisfaction score of 87% and a 4.8 rating. You can book an appointment with Dr. Khan through Marham, to start your journey towards better health. 

4. Dr. Farah Faizan

Dr. Farah is a seasoned Nutritionist with experience of 18 years. She is an MBBS doctor, from Peoples Medical University. Her qualifications include MCPS from College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan, MS (Community Health & Nutrition) from Allama Iqbal Open University, Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics (PGD) from Allama Iqbal Open University, and Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management from NUST University.

She currently works at Doctors Clinic, Islamabad, and Islamabad Medical Centre. Her former experiences include working as a nutritionist in Shifa International Hospital and Health Care Center. She has also worked as a medical officer in Railway Hospital, Islamabad Diagnostic Center, and Agha Khan Health Services. 

Dr. Farah is a specialist in nutrition related to weight gain, weight loss, diabetes, and antenatal diet. She has a patient satisfaction score of 103%. You can trust her and book an appointment through Marham. 

5. Ms. Hina Ashraf

Ms. Hina is a Nutrition Consultant at Maroof International Hospital, Islamabad. Her specialties include diet for weight gain, weight loss, antenatal diet, and diet for diabetes. She also owns a Master’s in Nutrition and experience of 7 years. 

Her patient satisfaction score is 83% with a waiting time of just 18 mins. You can easily book an appointment with her through Marham.

Book an appointment now, to start your journey towards health. You can book an appointment with these top nutritionists in Islamabad through Marham by calling at Marham helpline: 0311-1222398 or online booking facility through the website or Marham mobile app.

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