Secret of Happiness Lies in Your Health

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You must have heard this phrase numerous times that happiness is a state of mind, which is somehow related to your health. Health and happiness both are actually one and the same thing – if you are happy but unhealthy, happiness will be diminished soon and if you are healthy but unhappy about yourself, you are not healthy. Health implies happiness and vice versa. In the following post, we will disclose the secret of happiness that help you to stay happy and healthy.

Eat Well

Recent online doctors research shows that people who consume protein-rich breakfast on a daily basis hardly munch on high-fat or high-sugar foods later in the day. Eggs are the most common source of protein and egg yolks are packed with vitamin B12, which helps regulate mood.

Eat Right

Your body needs good fat to absorb and store vitamins A, D, E and K along with essential minerals in your body. So, your evening meals must contain a higher level of these vitamins. If you are feeling tired and having fatigue – ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. You may need a supplement. I would suggest you to keep consulting your doctor to know when and how much amount of these vitamins you need.

Sweat it Out

Exercise is vital for a healthy and happy person. If you cannot go gym daily, go for some brisk walk to get instant energy and happiness boot in the morning. Get up early, get dressed and hit the track in a nearby park. You will definitely feel good and invigorated all day long.

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Get up Early

Early to bed and early to rise – makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. I am not sure about wealth and wisdom but I am definitely sure about health. Keep your alarm away from you so that you will have to get up to turn it off. Snoozing in the morning makes you grumpy and cranky so make it your habit to get up early in order to begin a better and positive day.

No Binging

During an appointment with my Psychology Online Clinic, he revealed that we mostly mix boredom with hunger or mingle up emotions with food. At home or even at work, there are times when you assume you are hungry or crave for something sweet to munch on, you are actually thirsty or bored or at your lows. Drink a lot of water and your craving for that particular food will reduce.

Chew a Gum

If you are stressed out or feeling emotionally weak – a stick of sugar-free chewing gum will help you enhance mood and make you feel light but energized. Several online doctors have mentioned in their findings that chewing gum actually helps the brain mute the stress response to noise.

Give Time to Yourself

Yes, you have read it right. No matter, how tired you are or how rough day you had – learn to take out time from your busy routine for yourself. By the end of the day, massage your scalp with oil, bathe your feet in hot water and wash your face (at least) before going to bed. You will suddenly start feeling relieved and relaxed and helped you feel happy about yourself. Do not forget to moisturize your hands, feet and face for a brighter looking skin the next day.

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