Strategies To Stay Away From Kidney Stones

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If you ever had diagnosed with the kidney stonesthen you might know how painful it is. Kidney stones are hard crystals that form in our kidney. These crystals can get bigger and has a chance of getting stuck in a urinary tract; causing excruciating pain while passing through the tract.

Formation of kidney stones can be prevented with medication and lifestyle changes, so if you feel any pain while passing Urine, visit top urologists through Marham.

One of the common concern of people is that intake of Calcium is the culprit, let’s find out the truth.

Can Calcium intake forms Kidney stones?

I would say “excess of everything is bad”, however Research has found that getting too little calcium can increase oxalate level to incline and cause kidney stones. Its better if you take the required amount of calcium that you need to stay healthy. In some studies it is declared that calcium supplements can sometime become a cause of stones, so its better if you consume Calcium from natural food. To avoid the risk of getting kidney stones take calcium supplement along with food to minimize its risk.

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Strategies to stay away from Kidney stones:

  • Stay Hydrated

Water intake is vital to minimize the risk of appearing stones. The more we drink water the more our body will get rid of toxins that produce less concentrated urine that becomes a cause of forming crystals. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily but if you are physically active, sweat a lot or have a history of stone formation then you might need additional fluids. Find best dietitian to get a complete diet plan that is best for patients with kidney stones

  • SODIUM is the culprit

Instead of Calcium intake high salt (SODIUM) increases your risk of stones. Excessive salt in the urine doesn’t let Calcium to be reabsorbed in the blood from urine. Due to which high level of calcium is urine forms stones. Its better if you reduce the intake of high salt. Avoid processed food, condiments, canned food or anything that has high salt.

  • Animal Protein

Protein that is present in beef, poultry, fish are acidic and can increase the level of uric acid in the body that becomes a cause of forming kidney stones. So it’s better if you limit the intake of protein.

  • Stone forming foods

Food that is rich with OXALATE can help in the prevention of stone formation. It’s better to avoid Spinach, Chocolates, Coffee, Beets, Peanuts, Soy products etc.

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Kidney stones are not a life threatening problem but its presence can cause great discomfort and pain. Little change in lifestyle can greatly reduce its risk. Visit best nephrologist and get a complete guideline on how to get rid of it once and for all.

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