Why Marham Is A Must Have App In COVID19 Pandemic

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We’re already 6 months into this COVID19 pandemic and so much has changed. We are getting new researches, new techniques and precautions every day to fight our way into this but, we’re surviving. What has made our time in this pandemic survivable? we never give a thought about it. To be honest, the best thing we can name is telemedicine. Who would’ve survived if we had no online doctors attending us? Hospitals being the hub of COVID19 germs are still not a safe place to visit but telemedicine single-handedly got us through this time. Keep reading to know about the telemedicine services you can get through Marham’s app.

Can Help You Talk To A Doctor Online

The most popular service Marham provides is connecting you to the doctor online. Be it an audio call or a video call, Marham has got it covered. You can log on to our app and look for the doctor from the list of specialities we have and then get yourself an appointment booked!

Post A Question And Talk To The Doctor For Free

If you want to talk to a doctor and can not afford to pay their fee, you can still talk to one. Marham forum offers you to post a question about any health issue and the doctors will answer them for free. You can find the option ‘Forum: Ask questions from a doctor‘ on the homepage of Marham’s app. Do not leave your houses when you can talk to a doctor for free.

Free COVID19 Consultations

Marham, in the times of pandemic, is trying to serve the people with the best available options. Consequently, we have introduced an option where you can get free consultations during COVID19. Install Marham’s app to book your video consultation with the doctor of any speciality to discuss your concerns.

List Of Hospitals

This pandemic situation has gotten many of us confused, we do not know which hospital to visit for routine check-ups and which hospital is taking COVID19 patients. That too is not an issue if you have Marham’s app installed. The menu bar on the left side located on the homepage has an option where you can find the list of hospitals around you.

Health Blog

Along with all these services, Marham’s app has a section named ‘Healthblogwhere you can read articles written on every possible topic related to our health and also COVID19. If you are confused about what the researches are saying, look up to health blog to verify your concerns.

Telemedicine is not less than any blessing at this time. Team Marham has worked hard to bring this app to your service and provide you with the facilities which you’ve been looking for at this time. To make yours and your family’s life easier, install Marham’s app to get all these services without leaving your houses.

To install the app, use the following links.

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Android Users

Stay Home Stay Safe!

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